Friday, July 30, 2010

28 days of magic (and maybe 29 too)

I know today is really the 30th day of the month, but I'm playing catch up with my 30 day challenge (Surprise Surprise, right). But before I begin on that, I will say that the 28th day of July is very special to me. My oldest son Chad was born on July 28th. He wasn't here to celebrate but he made it home yesterday so I am super excited about that.

Now onto day 28 of the challenge. What has been my most luxurious purchase. This one is simple, any single of of my vehicles. I'm not a big spender. Heck, we haven't even purchased a house yet. My college was paid off (and it wasn't much to pay at that) before I started except for a little little bit which I am paying on now. My wedding rings were cheaper (I'm not into big and flashy), my camera and computer were pretty cheap (what can I say... i love to find deals). So I am going to have to go with my car. I think we paid about $21,000 for my Durango. Best $21K I've ever spent. Even though Fred is dying now (that is my durangos name), he was a great truck!

Day 29 is about what we think our best feature is... Easy.. my boobs! Enough said. I'd post a pic, but well... my bloggy friends really don't need to see that!

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