Monday, July 26, 2010

A weeks worth of missions

Day 24 is kind of a nosey day. It wants to know all about what I am doing.

Well, since I am late to day 24, I will wrote about July 24th and then 6 days after that. Does that work for you??

Saturday - The butcher, grocery shopping, movies and that is about it
Sunday - Yard work with the family and then splashing around in my pool
Monday - L is here along with my boys so pretty much doing artsy crafty type stuff and hanging out. When L leaves we'll be going for a walk and cooking dinner
Tuesday - Same as Monday
Wednesday - Same as Monday. It is also Chad's birthday!! YAY! To bad he wont be here until Thursday to celebrate
Thursday - Chad comes home!! Woot Woot! We'll be doing some birthday shopping while Carl is at work. We also have to make a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and spaghetti and meatballs. Carl picks Chad up at 455 and will bring him home to me where I will proceed to kiss and hug and embarrass my now 13 year old son!
Friday - Shopping with the boys for Chad's football stuff, park, pool, dinner

The life of a mom can be pretty boring sometimes, huh??? I guess this is a bad week for What am I doing??? haha

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