Monday, September 28, 2009

Warning: Statements below may offend - Apparently I should have a private blog?

I guess nothing is personal anymore. With ALL the things to do on the internet, and all the websites to go my blog has taken on personal interest of someone that I really cant stand. I mean, I guess I had assumed that if you didn't like someone, and knew that someone did not like you, you wouldn't really be browsing around on their blog. Why would you? I mean, they wouldn't be saying anything interesting to you? Would they? I guess at this point it is a matter of nosey-ness vs. actually giving a crap.

So tonight, drama hit a message board I am on. Again. And surprise surprise, it all had to do with the same person it ALWAYS has to do with. Things were wonderful until she came back. Then again like a ticking time bomb.. it blew up. I was good with keeping the drama off the board. I did not post what I felt. I didn't say STFU... nobody cares when I wanted too. I vented here. I mean, why oh why would SHE look at my blog. And honestly, I did not much care that she did. But I figured if I could leave it off the board then maybe, just maybe she would as well. I don't talk to her she doesn't talk to me, all peace is stable. Butttt nooooo... She has word vomit and there she goes again....

So here I am now, posting on my PERSONAL yet PUBLIC blog. I don't really care who sees it. If you don't want to see it, don't look at it. I'll be as real with you as you are with me. End of story!

Friend Making Monday

While looking at my friend Beth's blog , I noticed that she has follows this blog. Being new to this whole blogging thing, I am always trying to think of ways to stay "updated" and not so lame. To get back to my point, I noticed that Beth decided to join in the Friend Making Monday fun. This week's theme is favorite things... Hey, that is something I can do. So here are a few of my favorite things...

1. My Boys

2. My Husband (well, most of the time)

3. Margaritas.. always Margaritas

4. My family, as crazy as they are

5. My Friends

477x324 chocolate, chocolate & more chocolate Pictures, Images and Photos
6. Chocolate

Laptop. Pictures, Images and Photos
7. My PINK Laptop Computer

house Pictures, Images and Photos
8. House

myspace Pictures, Images and Photos

tgi Pictures, Images and Photos
10. TGI Fridays

Now, these are in no way in any particular order... Well, except for maybe 1 and 2. Those are always going to be pretty close to the top. Now tell me, what are your favorite things?

Is it just me....???

Or is it getting old? And by it, I mean the need for some people to always HAVE to one up everyone else. I am about ready to dig my eyeballs out at this point. No matter what I say, she ALWAYS has to one up me. Not that I say a whole lot lately, but when I do, I can count on a response that is so much better then my on thing in less then 30 minutes. It reminds me of the old Domino's commercials... You know, if it is not there in 30 minutes or less then it's free?! Well, if I dont see the one-upedness in less then 30 minutes I can praise Jesus... *eye roll*

Normally, I try not to let things get to me. At least not too badly but this... well, I've had enough. I have so much to say on the issue and I dont even know where to begin with it honestly. I cant stand fakeness. AT ALL. In any form of the word. I can read through any amount of it. Why do I let myself sit around and see it going on all the time, I dont know. I guess I lack amusement here sometimes. I smile, I put on the fake face. I am exactly the person that I cant stand. All because I am waiting for a show. I think things are going to explode soon. Before the end of the year is up. I think people are going to start seeing through the fakeness and the snarkyness and all hell is going to break loose... again. And as a friend of mine said, i'll be waiting in the wings... popcorn in hand... to laugh!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Easy like a ...... Monday morning?

So this weekend was a great, long, but fast one. I swore to myself that today, Monday morning, I would do NOTHING. I am not cleaning, I am not cooking, I am not even going to leave my jammies today. Will probably wont either, well until bath time that is.. but we are not leaving the house. Want to see how long I stick to this plan?!?

So, details on the weekend. We went shopping on Saturday. On our way out the door, i checked Craigslist one last time. We've been looking for a decent priced mower, for our 5x5 lawn (ok, so it is bigger.. but not much). Well, as Carl was putting Will into his seat, I found a great deal. Called the guy up and threw a fork into our plans. We now had to go track down this man to get his mower off of him. After going the wrong way because my husband is directionally challanged we found the man (in a GREAT subdevision mind you) and brought the mower home. Then it was time to shop. We went to walmart to find my Itouch. They didnt have the 16gb there, so we went to Target instead! Scored my Itouch and picked up a few other things, including a gift for Lilly. Made dinner at home and had an amazing dessert thanks to Lauren A.

Yesterday was good as well. We went to Lilly's birthday party. I have to say, I feel like I am fitting in a lot better out here in AZ then I did back in New England. I mean, I liked my friends back home, but after knowing a lot of them for a long time, nobody ever just called me up and said "hey... lets get lunch", or "hey... want to come to a birthday party". I've been here all of 2 months and I've been on more lunch dates / play dates, etc then I had when I was back in New England. It's nice to have some new friends. In fact, I think I am going to lunch tomorrow, and a playdate on Wednesday. I'm also hosting a GTG here at our house and people are *gasp* going to actually show up!!! How cool is that???

Did I mention how much i love AZ????

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

So, it is my birthday!! I guess a happy birthday to me is in order here.

If only today was a happy day. I guess each day is what you make of it, so I should get off my butt and make something good, correct? Eh... we'll see.

Im thinking I might take myself out to lunch. Well, not exactly MYSELF but I'll bring Will with me. He loves getting out of the house. I missed him (and Chad) when I was back east last week. I missed going on adventures with him, even though they might just be target adventures. He likes to see all the new things and I like buying him things! Strange how that works. Before you are a parent, you buy a lot of things for yourself. After a baby is born... it's not about you anymore. Everything you do is for the little one.

So, back to my birthday rambling, I am thinking of going to lunch today. I met a pretty cool chic here named Shannon and her son is absolutely ADORABLE! I think they are going to meet up with me. Gatta love local friends. Even when i was back east, I had to go 3 hours to hang out with ANYONE so this is great! Tomorrow, we're meeting up with a bunch of moms for a lunch type of thing at Red Robin! Yum! Haha!

So, we'll see what tonight has in store. Probably just me cooking dinner per usual. Making Hamburgers and Fries. I was supposed to make them last night but by the time I got back from Soccer sign ups, it was late... 10 minute skillet meal it was.

Ok, enough rambling for now. I'll be back. Today i am sure! Time to put the baby to bed!
XOXO - momma V

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's so hard... to say goodbye!

Well, I guess this is as good of a place as any to just let myself go. I got a phone call this morning informing me that my grandfather was in the ICU and that they were gathering the family and taking him off of life support. He had a living will, and did not want any extreme measures done to save his life. Keep in mind that my grandfather is living in Maine (with the rest of my family). As much as I wanted to jump on a plane and get home, I knew that it was not the right thing to do to my family here, in Phoenix.
I waited all day long for updates on him. Everyone kept saying that he was not going to make it through the day. That they took him off life support and he wasnt being responsive. That he was retaining fluid and they thought his kidneys were going to fail. That if that was not the case, at best his heart would have too much pressure on it from the fluid and his heart would fail. Either way it was lose lose. The doctors did not have hope. They had him on a morphine drip up until the very end.
My Aunt Vicki had been with him since Monday at the hospital, along with her step mother and her foster brothers/sisters. Brittney was the only one who almost did not get to say goodbye. Well, except for me of course. Luckly, she got there in time. Shortly after she arrived in Sanford, he passed away. At 12:16 A.M. to be exact. I got the phone call not 15 minutes later. Both from my Aunt and my Brother. I've been on the out and out with the both of them, but am so happy that they pushed the maddness aside to pull together for me.
I have not had the best relationship with my grandfather since my mother passed away in 2005. Before that, I was his little princess.... His wife, my grandmother (and i use that term loosely) managed to get in the middle of things due to her pushyness and needless to say, I dont have much of a relationship with him anymore. I feel bad that the last time I talked to him was before my wedding when he just didnt even care to say two words to me. I feel bad that I did not get to tell him that even though I thought he was being a big jerk, that I still loved him and looked up to him. I did not get to tell him goodbye.... That is the hardest part of it all.
So, in the morning, I am flying back to Maine for a few days. I am going to take the time to give everyone an extra hug. Tell everyone how much I love them. Because honestly, we dont know how long we are going to last. Could be a minute, could be an hour, could be a year... who knows, could be a heck of a lot longer then that. All I do know is as much as I thought i was ready for him to pass on because of how sick he'd been the last 5 years, it still hit me as hard as it would have if it were a sudden thing.
That's all for now! I'll be sure to update everyone in the nest few days.

xoxo - Momma V

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

This weekend has been sort of a crazy weekend. Our friend from the Army and his new girlfriend came for a visit. I wasnt too sure how I was going to feel about her because, well.. she came here from over seas. Now, I have no problem with people coming here from anywhere but it was very fishy at the time that my friend is getting a divorce then all of a sudden this girl is getting one and is all in love with my friend. I was worried that she was attaching onto him for a totally wrong reason, but I think was wrong.
She is a very sweet girl! She seems to care a lot about my friend so that is a good thing. I really hope this is it for him. He'll be working on his third marriage at this point and I really hope for his sake that it doesnt end badly. Our friend is a great guy but he sometimes can be a bit much to handle. I guess we'll see.
So, onto bigger and better things. We had a blast this weekend. We did not do a whole lot over the weekend. Which was NICE! We hung out here on Saturday and then on Sunday, we went to the lake. The lakes out here are very strange. Very rocky and hard to walk into. I will say, they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Here, look for yourself. I did not get a ton of pictures but these few do speak words.

So yeah, as I said.. the lakes are great. The water is just right and the scenery is amazing. After a bit of "irish tanning" we came home and made dinner. After dinner, Apples to Apples and drinks! I must say, it felt pretty good to be able to drink again. Not that I love drinking by any means, but I have not done it in so long. Is it bad that I look forward to drinking every once in a while.
Our friends went home today! They left this morning. Time to get my life back in order I suppose. The house is a big fat mess. I haven't done any laundry all weekend and now that it is Monday, I am in my peak hours so I cant do it until after 9PM. Good thing Carl has clothes for tomorrow. Oh, and speaking of tomorrow, William has to go get his shots and Pest control is coming. Granted, it couldnt be soon enough since we are finding little bugs more and more in here. Time to kill them all off! Woohoo!
That's it for now! More later! Much love to everyone..
xoxo - Momma V