Monday, July 26, 2010

A never ending dark hole

Day 23 wants to talk about what I have in my purse.

Well, first off.. I'll tell you that I've been using a small black Coach. Not my usual big brown Coach tote so what I am about to describe is pretty good for carrying around such a small bag.

In my purse, you'd happen to find
~my wallet which carries my license, checkbook, credit cards and AAA card. Sometimes, you can find some cash in there, but it is highly unusual because I hate to carry cash.
~my keys
~my cell phone (well, most of the time)
~an elastic or two
~usually 3-5 receipts of things I got the last few trips to the store
~about $3 in change. All kinds of change. It always gets thrown to the bottom.
~3 or 4 pens. Usually 2 black and 2 blue. But always 2 black
~peppermint candies. I keep these in here for when my husband's blood sugar decides to drop a bit
~a sister angel ornament that my brother got me for my birthday 2 years ago
~insurance cards
~pantyliner and a tampon
~chap stick
~a hair clip

There might be more, but that is all I can think of at the moment

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