Monday, July 26, 2010

Holy HUGE house, Batman

Let's talk about dream houses for a minute. Everyone has their vision of their dream house? Right? Some people want a house on the ocean, some in the woods or on a lake. I've thought about my dream house for many many many years. It changes a little bit every now and again but the concept is the same.

I want a very modern / trendy kind of house. At least 5 bedrooms because each one of my boys needs their own room. I'd love 3 bathrooms as well.

I want some really nice tile in my kitchen and bathrooms but the rest of the floors need to be a light colored hard wood. I don't want carpet in my house. Anywhere! I'm all about area rugs. Carpet holds too many smells and I can not deal with that. I'd rather sweep and mop then vacuum and smell, haha!

All the rooms need to be different colors with the furniture and window treatments accenting the colors. Oh and I MUST have a library with a fireplace in the room. To some, a library might seem like a big room, but really, something the size of a den would do...

Now, how long until I get said house?? Hopefully not too long.

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  1. I LOVE libraries... or atleast a book shelf with REAL books (So many folks have the fake decor books now). I don't think I'll ever have a library, but a book shelf will do, a huge one. So many folks I know don't have books shelves in their houses. I HAVE TO! ((That is, whenever it is we get our own home!))