Monday, August 31, 2009

Dentist appointment and Margaritas

So today was an eventful day.. I say that and it is only 11:15 A.M. Chad had a dentist appointment this morning. Based off the report, his canine teeth have issues. The poor kid has not lost his baby ones yet, but his adult ones are growing in SUPER weird. So he has to go back next week and have his baby teeth extracted in order to HOPEFULLY save his adult canine's from killing his other teeth. Oh the joy. Try explaining to a 12 year old that he has to have his teeth "wiggled out". *Shakes head*

In other news... Guess where I am going tonight? Guess... Guess..
Yes, pictures say it all. I am going to Margaritaville tonight for a much needed drink with some pretty cool ladies. Jimmy Buffet watch out. When I start sipping a fruity 'rita the real CRAZY mom comes out! Poor Carl. Doesnt know what he is in for tonight. I think that Margaritaville HAS to be the best place on earth.. Well, maybe not the BEST place, but pretty darn close.

Ok, so I guess that is it for now. I am going to see a man about a horse today (or a dude about a pool.. but how is that in any way random???). I'll be sure to post tonight!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update 2

I guess it seems like it's been forever since i've posted a blog! I've tried and tried yet nothing I typed seemed fitting enough to really post. Oh well! Here I am now. Trying to get better at this, but who wants to read what I type out?

Ok, well for an update. We made it to Phoenix! It was a long few months of not seeing my husband or having help and support from him. Luckly, my IL's are great and were always there when I needed the support.

Here is a picture of my new house! I LOVE it here!!!
There is so much room in this house, sometimes I want to put in an intercom system, so I can find my husband and my children. We're doing work on the inside of it, so i'll be sure to post before and after pictures once it is done. So far we've updated Chad and Will's bedrooms.

Speaking of Will's bedroom. Last night we put him in there for the first time. We were really worried that he would not sleep well being in his OWN room, but to the contrary, he slept longer then he ever has. I am hoping it is more comfortable for him and that this pattern continues. Also, it's nice to have my room and my husband back!!

Ok, so updates on the kids. Chad is loving his new school. I was worried that he wouldnt make any friends but he brought a kid home the other day to play. That was nice. He's added a few kids from school onto his IM. Hope he keeps up the good work. Will has been great as well. He is WALKING now! It is super funny. I"ll add the video later on. He's just about off his bottle (only has it during bed time) and is sleeping through the night. Kaleb and CJ are back east with their dad. I am getting antsy for them to get out here. I miss them so much, but we chat on the SKYPE network a few times a week as well as on the phone! I'll be heading back east for Columbus Day and Thanksgiving weekend and they are coming here for Christmas.

OK, that is it for now. I promise not to make all my blogs as boring as this one. I'll try to think of new funny ways to update. To all my friends back home... I miss you guys... A LOT!

Mamma V