Friday, July 9, 2010

Romance Flomance

OK, so the challenge of the day over at Prenda LeStelle is all about romance. More specifically, What does romance mean to me??

I had a really hard time with this. I mean, I guess I could state the obvious and go with the old school "courting, chaperoned walks, sitting on the porch with iced tea and stealing kisses" (pretty much quoted from Edward Cullen by the way) but that just seems lame to me.

I could also go with the candlelit dinners and walking on the beach in the moonlight but that is also kind of lame to me.

So after giving it a little more thought, I think that romance is more about spending time with the one you love. Doing anything and everything possible. Romance can consist of holding hands when you are at the mall, or that little kiss on the cheek when you are cooking dinner together. Romance is also curling up in bed and watching Bones, or American Idol together. Anything really, that the two of us are together and enjoying each others company.

Romance doesn't have to be commercial. They make everything look so amazing on TV, or when you read a book. Actually true romance is totally different then that. Well, at least to me anyways. I dunno, maybe I am wrong? But my vision of romance is just knowing that I love my husband and that no matter what we do, or where we go.... he loves me!

Check back later. Day 9 is all about our wedding... I wish I had all my wedding pictures on here. I'll have to find them so I have a more detailed blog post!