Thursday, November 4, 2010

The blame game

Politics. I hate Politics. With a passion. Mostly because it brings out the worst in everyone. Especially this day in age. Republicans HATE Democrats, Democrats HATE Republicans and Independents hate both sides at this point.

I guess I want to start this posting out with stating that this blog is not about any one person I know, nor is it about any one blog I've read. I've been seeing a LOT all over the Internet, on the news, in the news papers, etc about the election results and how people are angry because of the way things went all over the country and truthfully it's all making me mad.

I really hate how each side of the political coin blames the other side for this countries failures. And the Independent party just blames everyone for everything. This is the problem with the government and why nobody can get anything done. Neither side can see what is good about the other sides ideas and they BOTH shoot everything down that comes across their plates. Mostly because the "other side" thought of it first.

That is why this country is in so much trouble. It's not about what is best for the country, or what is best for the people, businesses, education, children, etc. It is mostly what is best for the "party" who is in control.

And another thing I am sick of is every day people like you and me who want to complain about EVERYTHING yet do NOTHING about it. If you are so well educated and have so many good ideas, then put them to work. Get out there and run for local city and town offices. Get elected and run for bigger offices. Make your ideas known. Write to Senators, Governors, Legislature, whoever. Don't just sit back and complain about how stupid everyone is for voting in the "wrong" person because you feel that that person wasn't the right choice. The great part about this country is that every legal citizen over the age of 18 who has voting rights has a say in what goes on in government and if you aren't agreeing with the popular choice, then get yourself out there and try to swing people the other way. Don't just sit around and complain when all is said and done.

On my personal facebook, I've been seeing complaint after complaint about who was voted into office in many different states. Some people are happy, some people are sad, some are mad. This country went in crazy directions in all offices. Democratic states voted Republican in many cases. People want their voices heard and changed the way they vote. That is amazing. The fact that we all have the right to change our mind and vote the way we want to. There are so many issues that this country needs to face. Like Education, Immigration, Health care, Jobs and the Economy. Neither party is best to handle any of these issues alone. BOTH parties need to come together and figure out a solution that works for EVERYONE. Not just for the one party or the other.

I know this blog posting is really random but honestly I am just so tired of seeing hateful comments on FB and in the many blogs I read about how this country messed up on Tuesday. I don't think this country messed up, I think the government messed up by allowing all of this to happen. It's time for EVERYONE to take a step back and see where this country is failing and we as United States Citizens need to pull it together and start to make a change. The change is not going to come from blog posts, and fb status updates and twitter updates. It is going to start with each and every one of us. We all need to work on it or we are all the ones to blame for the failure. Not one party alone. EVERYONE!