Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Favorite wedding memory

So in reading around in blog land, I came across Mama M's blog. This week, because of Valentines day, she is hosting a Valentine's Day Extravaganza.

I am a little late to this so I Am going to start on day 4 and then maybe work my way back to day 1.

Today, the question was posed about what our favorite wedding memory was. It's hard to chose just one. My whole wedding was a favorite memory of mine. But because I am not on my own personal computer because of hard drive failure, I am going to go with the cake feeding. It's the only thing I have pictures of on this computer.

Even before our wedding day, we knew that we were going to be "immature" and do the cake feeding in a not so neat manner. Heck, we were at a really good friends wedding 7 month before ours and we practiced on how we would feed each other for our own special day.

What started as "I promise it wont be too bad", turned into "save some cake for the guests". Below is the play by play.

awww aren't we cute?

Ok... maybe I'm thinking twice about getting my dress dirty?

or maybe not?!?!

Yep, Im in for it now..

As our DJ put it.. He was going to be blowing frosting out of his nose all the way to Mexico!

Maybe he will be nice to me? He loves me? Right?

Payback is a 5 letter word that starts with a B!

It was wedding cake ping pong!

I came out of it cleaner then he did!

In the words of my friend Larry the Cable Guy: "I dont care who you are, that's funny"

Oh and if you don't think so, then
Neener Neener Neener!!

Ok, just kidding! Sort of! I hope you all liked my story and I cant wait to read yours. Post away and then link back with Mama M!

Happy Early Valentines Day!!!

"Was at? Oh Chee"

OK. I am once again a super excited over the moon Mom. Our youngest son, William has a pretty big vocabulary. He says a lot of one word things and up until today has never said a complete sentence. I guess I have string cheese to thank for our wonderful surprise.

We were having our mid morning snack of apple juice and string cheese. Today was the first time he has had string cheese and he was really getting into it. Each time I gave him a piece i would tell him it was cheese. He has had cheese before but whenever we give him something (be it a toy, game, spoon, etc) we always tell him what it is. Hopefully to help his vocabulary out.

Anyways, back to the point at hand. He decided he wanted to go play with a toy and he only had one piece of cheese left to eat. I brought it over to him and he looks at me and says "Was at? Oh Chee". I couldn't believe it. He spoke his first full sentence. I know that he can not fully pronounce everything but you can absolutely understand what he is saying all of the time. So his first sentence will go down as "Whats that? Oh Cheese". I am so proud!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Friend Makin Monday ~ Superbowl baby!!

So today is the day after the Superbowl. Though, I am not sure why I am telling you this because if you are human and living in the United States, you already know this! Even if you are not a fan of the big game, you knew it was on? Correct?

Anyways, since it is Monday it is time for Ambers Friend Makin Monday again! This week, she is asking all about the superbowl...

1. Did you watch the Superbowl?
Of course I watched the Superbowl!! The Colts were playing... *sigh* Peyton Manning is my other husband you know :-)

2. If so, who were you rooting for?
The Colts because I love Peyton Manning of course. But I knew the Saints deserved it..

3. If not, what did you do instead?
There was no other option for me :-)

4. Where did you watch it / not watch it?
At my house. We had a Superbowl party. Did I mention I love football at all?

5. What did you eat?
What didn't I eat? We had buffalo chicken wing dip, veggies and ranch dip, lays with french onion dip, Sweet and Sour Keilbasa, BBQ meatballs, double chocolate brownies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and $3.99 footlong subs from Mr. Goodcents... I think that was it, though I dont remember.

6. Favorite Superbowl commercial?
I had a couple... I loved the Boost Mobile Superbowl Shuffle, the Dorito Dog Collar one and the Betty White Snickers one...

7. Least Favorite?
The commercials..

8. What did you think of the halftime show?
It was great. I love love love the Who!

9. Who do you wish would have been the halftime show?
I am always going to want Aerosmith there but Nickelback would have been fun too!

Now it is your turn! Answer the questions and link back to Amber!! Happy Friend Makin Moday :-)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Post it Note Tuesday - Why cant the school get it right???

So, for my second post of the day I am going with a more recent favorite..

Here goes nothing.....


OK, so i should probably explain a little bit. When I booked a vacation for the boys to come out here to Phoenix, I looked online to find out when their vacation week would be. I saw the dates, the found the plane tickets. Turns out, the dates were WRONG on the calendar on the Internet and now the boys are going to miss a full week of school!!! The only reason I found out was because Kaleb brought his father a paper an showed him that he was supposed to have school the week he is here.. UGH!!! How annoying. I'm ready to compose a nice letter to the school telling them to get their crap together...

The. End.

Truthful Tuesday ~ Can I get a do-over please?

So today is Tuesday. I am thinking that this will only be my first blog of the day. Not only is it Post it note Tuesday, but it is also Truthful Tuesday. I stumbled upon Truthful Tuesday while reading Court's blog. This seems like it could be fun. So why the eff not right?

Confessions from a Working Mom

So this week, working mom wants to know: If you could do over any one scene in your life, what would it be and why???

Well, I guess I thought about if I should pick an open-mouth-insert-foot kind of moment, or a oh-my-gosh-im-so-in-love moment but then I decided to go back to something that is very sad to me. I will spare everyone the details but this is the only day that I would chose to do over if I had a chance... Bring on the tissues..

**WARNING** Very sad and a few swear words are below

July 15th, 2005. The day will be forever etched into my brain. It was my brother's 23rd birthday. His girlfriend at the time got him the coolest gift ever. She had him all set up to go sky-diving. I took the day off from work and went to Sky Dive New England with him. I brought all my boys with me (there were only 3 at that time). My mom was so upset that she couldn't be there, but she was the only one working because her idiot husband would not get off his butt to do anything to help bring in money.. but that is besides the point. My Mom was so nervous about the whole thing. I was on the cell phone with her the whole time that my brother was up in the air and falling out of the sky. I could hear the tears in her voice. Afraid that her only son might not make it to the ground alive, even though she knew he would... My brother did great!

After the skydiving was over, we all headed to my Aunts house for a birthday party for my brother. Everyone that my Mom loved was there. My cousins, my Aunt and Uncle, her Brother (a man I refuse to call my "uncle" but that is also besides the point) and friends. It was most certainly going to turn into a drinking party so I only stayed for a few hours and then left with my boys. I don't feel comfortable with them around a lot of drunk people. So I decided to go back to my mothers house for the night. Everyone gave me and the boys hugs and kisses and then of we went. I would see my Mom in the morning, or so I thought....

The next morning, I was on the phone with Carl and I get the most annoying beep in the world. I didn't answer it at first. I was talking to my boyfriend. The boys were relaxing watching Cartoons and we were all waiting for my Mom to come back. I knew she spent the night at my Aunts because she refused to drive after she had been drinking. Well, soon after the first call waiting kicked in, another one came. I decided to answer it. I hear a hysterical man on the other side of the phone. At first I thought it was a prank call, and then I thought maybe it was my "uncle" calling. The only thing I could get out of the call was "Mom's dead".

I just laughed at first and said "yeah right, that is not funny". Then I heard it again... "I'm not kidding, Mom's dead".

At this point, I thought it was my "uncle" again talking about my evil "step-grandmother". So I said "What?????"

"Our F*CK!NG Mother is DEAD JESSICA" is what I heard my brother scream. My Aunt grabbed the phone from him and was crying.

"Jessica, get Eddy and get over here... Your Mom passed away this morning".

Yep, my heart sank. I could not believe what I had just heard. How could my Mother be dead? She was ONLY 44 years old. That is it.. She had 3 amazing grandchildren who she hardly knew. They were so young... She's gone???

I'll spare everyone the details and leave it as she had a massive heart attack in her sleep. It was the saddest day of my entire life.

So now I'll get to the do-over part. I would have spent even more time at my Aunts house on July 15th. I would have let lose a little bit and not been so uptight about the boys being around people who are drinking. The party was outdoors after all. They could have run around and played and I could have spent more time with my Mom. The boys could have spent more time with their grandmother. While I am happy that my Mom got to see everyone she truly loved and cared about the night before she passed away, I wish I would have had a little more time with her... I'll never get that back, but it reminds me to live my life to the fullest and not let the little thins stop me from spending more time with family/friends...

So now it is your turn... If you could get a do-over.. what part of your life would you change???

Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh no.... I've been BUSTED

So, because you all know how much I like to move around from blog to blog I've decided to try a new Monday MEme. Today, after reading Things I cant say I decided to give MommyBrain and SupahMommy's MEme a go. Here are the apparent rules for the week..

Tell us about a time you got pulled over.

If there are too many times to chose just one,
slow the f down give us a list of your top 5.

If you've never been pulled over (seriously?!),
tell us what you've done in your car that could get you pulled over!
(didn't mean that to sound so racy!)

If you're a goody two-shoes to the nth degree,
tell us a funny story involving a car!

So, I guess I'm one of those girls who sometimes needs to slow down. In my defense, I've been SO MUCH better since having kids but still.... it happens. One incident stands out more then the rest so I guess I'll tell you about that one.

It was somewhere around 1AM. I had been out all night with my girlfriends. I think we were at the club, though I am not sure. I wasn't drinking (I was the DD) and had just dropped my last friend off. She lived in Wells, Maine. I lived in Springvale Maine (about 30 miles away). OK, so since it is 1AM I was going a little faster then I should have been. Maybe doing 45 in a 35? It was a "main" street, meaning it was the road to the beach. There were not a lot of houses on the road, there were not any businesses or anything of the sort. All it was was a stretch of road for about a mile it slows down from 50 to 35 for no apparent reason? It wasn't any different from the part of road that is 50, but whatever.. it was 35.

So I'm driving down the road, jamming out to Ms. Spears (she was still a Ms. at the time). I had seen one of the two cops that are in this town at night time a few miles back so when I hit the 35 mph zone i was like yeah OK! I kept going. I did slow down to about 45 but that is besides the point. Next thing I know I see mother-effing blues in my rear view mirror.... Eff Eff Eff.... That is what I thought... EFF EFF EFF!!

I pull over (totally did not have my seat belt on by the way) and grab my registration/insurance and wait for the cop. He comes up to my window and asks me first, why I don't have my seat belt on... Thinking quick, i tell him I unbuckled to get my paperwork and hand it to him. He tells me next time that I should wait until he asks for it before I unbuckle to do that. Point taken I tell him. Next he asks me why he pulled me over. I'm thinking in my head "Dude, you know why you pulled me over, you tell me"). I say to him "I'm not sure, I don't think I was speeding.. do I have a light out"?

He then proceeds to tell me that I was in fact speeding ("no crap" I think). I gasp and say "I was?? I'm sorry".

He asks me if I was from around here, or if I know the roads in this area, or the set speed limits and I tell him no. He takes my papers back to his car and does whatever it is cops do and then comes back to me with a bunch of papers in his hand. He gives me my license, registration and insurance card back and then says "So, you don't know this area huh"?

Me in all my mighty 22 year oldness say "no sir" and he goes "well, considering you lived 2 minutes from here 2 years ago, you must not get out much" and give me a ticket for $124. CRAP!!! BUSTED!!

I should have known that he could see my old address in his cop computer. What was I thinking. I probably could have walked away with a warning had I not told the "Big" lie about not knowing anything about where I was... and TWICE at that, haha!!

OK, so now it is your turn. Have you ever been busted?? If so I want to read all about it!

Not giving up, just changing the rules a bit

So I am very dissappointed in myself. I think that I, once again set my expectations way to high and now here I am failing and changing the rules again. Oh well, I guess my life is more busy then I figured it would be.

My mission to blog at least once a day for a year has totally failed as you all can see. Skipping days, left and right, posting a few times in one day to make up for the days I skipped. I just dont think I want to do that anymore. If I cant post something interesting, why post at all, right?

I should be on posting day 32. Yep, I've missed 5 days since posting last. I think it is time to change the rules a bit. Maybe the new rule is, i'll post 3 days a week at least :-). That should be do-able. There are more then enough things that happen in 3 days that someone else might find interest in?

So that is my new rule. 3 posts a week (Or more). I think this is better! Lets see how long it takes me to fail this time.