Friday, July 23, 2010


Hmmm... Day 18 is all about our collections. I guess that is sort of a neat topic. I sat and thought about what I might collect.

~socks (only because the dryer monster always eats one and it's partner doesn't have a friend so in a bag it goes in hopes that the dryer monster will spit it out someday).
~water bottles (seriously, we have a ton near our bed.... *sigh*)

But I don't think she wanted to know about those kinds of collections. So then I had to think a bit more about what I might collect...

I never used to collect anything. But then when my mom passed away, I took over her snow globe collection. I used to get her a snow globe every single Christmas. We have a ton of them. After she passed away I wanted them back so now I have them. I need to work on getting some more.

I also want to start collecting the annual White House Christmas Tree ornament. Starting from 2008 when William was born. I need to work on ordering them up soon so wish me luck.

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