Thursday, May 27, 2010

Could this day get any worse???

Wait, don't answer that!

So today started off like almost every single other day. Will woke me up bright and early (thanks for that buddy) and we had a great breakfast together. I found out how much my son loves grapes because he stole a bunch of mine while I was making my coffee so I decided to share the rest with him.

We started getting ready around 10 to head over to an indoor play place to meet up the ladies so the kids could all play together. 10:30 rolls around and I am just about ready. I grabbed a few things and put Will into the Durango. We stopped for gas (at $2.57 a gallon... woot woot) and were finally on our way.....

Then, I hear a ding. Look don and my check gauges light was on. Look over my dash board and see that my temperature thing was burying itself into the red and just about on the H for holy hell you're hot. I turned my heat on full blast and opened the windows just to have nothing happen. Crap Crap Crap now what? OK, well obviously I have to pull over. I couldn't just stop where I was because I was on an on-ramp to a bigger highway so I had to drive to get to the first exit (road construction so I couldn't pull over with out getting off somewhere). F.M.L.

How much is this going to cost me? Who friggen knows. All I know is this just totally ruined my weekend. I have to spend almost $900 to go back east for a week in July and now we have THIS too???

My husband came and got me about 30 minutes after we called him. It was hot. Today was a warm day in Phoenix and when you have to pull over where there are no trees to shade you, it's not a good thing. Poor Will got a little prickly rash all over him from being so hot. Luckily, I packed a lot of water for us. 30 minutes doesn't seem like a long time until you are roasting in your car with no AC haha. Carl tried to drive it down to the Walmart SuperCenter so we could leave it somewhere that is off the street but that didn't work out so well as the temp spiked even more quickly this time. So it's sitting in a Church Parking lot as we speak.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the Phoenix Sun more then anything. I've been much happier since being here but when you are broken down with a hot sweaty 21 month old in the car it's not any fun at all. My husband brought us home so I could feed William and now he's going back to the car to meet AAA so we can have it towed. If you are the praying type, please pray that this fix doesn't end up costing me a fortune. We just put $2k into it and I really don't want to sink much more into him!

Oh and did I mention that now my weekend plans are ruined? We were supposed to go stay down near Tombstone for the weekend and yep, that plan is out the window... UGH! Stupid Car!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where is that drink?

So as I may or may not have stated in a previous blog, I babysit a little girl 3 days a week. At first I was thinking - "sweet, extra cash, I have 4 boys, how hard can this be?"

If I only knew what I was getting myself into.

This girl is a NIGHTMARE. Is this a girl thing? Or did I just get the crap end of this deal? When her Dad drops her off (between 6 and 7 mind you, no rhyme or reason as to when even though it's supposed to be 630) she's all smiles and happy as a clam. She stays this way until about 8. That is when Satan himself comes out to play. Oh.My.GOSH. Seriously girl. We go through the normal Eat, Play, Nap thing and she is just a monster. This whole monster thing continues until about 430. Her Dad picks her up between 430 and 6 (it was set up that he'd be here by 445).

Now, I know it's my own bad for not saying something to her father about the drop off pick up times. I get paid OK for this, but not enough for him to be ALWAYS late, or SUPER early. I mean, most day cares have times for drop off and pick up and if you are late you get charged right? Why can't I do that? Here is a little rant. Two different days 2 weeks ago, her Dad called me at 530 (when he was almost an hour late as it was) to tell me that he'd be another hour late and he's sorry. OK.... ummm sure? The guy did not even offer to give me extra money or anything. I guess I am way to much of a push over.

Oh and when I tell her Dad about her grumpiness during the day, he laughs it off and says "but she's so happy when I leave".... UUUGGGHHH!!! When she wasn't crawling I figured it would get better when she crawled. I was wrong, got worse. So I said "OK, when she walks, she'll be happier". Yea, no. No happier at all. In fact she is even worse the she was before she was crawling.

This girl is not even 1 yet and is a total nightmare. I don't know if I can keep doing this much longer. Poor William gets the shaft half the time because I am busy trying to keep her from crying at the top of her lungs. It's been BEAUTIFUL outside here in AZ the last few days and I can't open my windows because the neighbors will think that I am beating this poor child.

I guess the hard part is that NONE of my four boys were like this. AT.ALL. Not even close. I guess the one good thing about her is she does go down for her nap well (where she is now) so I get a few minutes of sanity. I just wish she would nap more.

So again I ask... Where is that drink? It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 1 Update and in other news...

Sorry for the delayed blog. My oldest son flew back to Maine today until the end of July so I had a Ton to do before he left. I just finished this morning about 15 minutes before he left. *sigh* The joys of being me.

So anyways, this weeks weight loss goal was OK. Not what I was hoping for but since I am still getting used to things I'll take it. This weeks weight loss was a total of 3.8 lbs. YAY ME! That was all on only a diet change. I know it was probably a water weight thing but I'll still take it. I am hoping to lose even more for this coming weigh in (on Thursday). I know that it wont be long before I get down to only 1lb a week so I am trying to do as much as I can now.

I am looking for more WW friendly recipes, so if you have any, please feel free to pass them along to me. I found 5 new ones for this weeks meal plan. But next week is a total loss. I am trying to make the most of our points so ideas are always appreciated.

So back to my oldest son Chad. He left today to go to his fathers house. This whole split family thing is for the birds. It is going to be a quiet summer here with out him. Will is already confused as to where Cha-Cha went. We will see him in the beginning / middle of July though as we are flying east for a week to spend time with family and my niece! How I miss my niece so much.

This coming weekend is a long weekend so we are looking to take a road trip for a few nights. Not sure where we want to go. We're thinking of being "tourists" and heading down to Tombstone. We've been north, but we have yet to go south. It is something that I will research this week. We have friends on the Army base down south so we may stay with them. Not sure yet. We had told them that we would go for Memorial Day weekend a long time ago and they brought it up to us tonight. I made other plans to go to dinner at Shannon's house so the BFF's can hang out but now I don't know. Guess I need to figure it out very quickly.

OK, that is it for now. Oh wait.. I got my Viva Los 1070 shirt yesterday! I love it!

Night All!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A change will do ME good..

So, yesterday while sitting on the couch - uncomfortable and feeling like my body was everywhere I decided I needed to make a change. There is a lot going on in my life but I am so uncomfortable with EVERYTHING and I think that 99% of that is due to my size.

I am a BIG girl. Meaning, I am only 5'3" but I weigh as much as if not more then your average 6'1" man. I guess I am lucky in the fact that I am not one of those girls who only carries it in her stomach, or her thighs or her butt. I carry it EVERYWHERE. I've been told that I don't look as much as I weigh. Even by my best friend who is brutally honest and will tell me when I look fat. She guessed my weight and she was off by a good 40lbs or more.

I got on the scale yesterday and when I saw the number I almost cried. HOW did I let myself go like this? I'm not going to blame it on the kids. Yes, I have 4 boys but they did not do this to me. I barely gained any weight with any of them. I lost weight. So I will not tell myself that I am at this number because of having kids. I know women who've had 4 or 5 kids that are amazingly TINY. I totally let myself go. I guess what they say about when you get married you get comfortable can be true. I mean, I was a big girl on my wedding date but I am even bigger now.

So I decided to make a change! I am done being disgusted with myself. Tonight, I will be attending my first Weight Watchers meeting. They have two different meetings. The one I am going to join is for people who have 50 or more pounds to lose (or for people who have lost 50 pounds or more). I figure, if I am around others who have a lot to lose like myself I will work harder at this. I know in the other meeting there will be lots of women who are smaller who use the program to maintain and that will just make me feel bad, so for now I will be in the 50lbs plus group.

My goal is to lose 30lbs before the last weekend in September. I am turning 30 and I figured that was a great number to start with. I am having a birthday party weekend with my favorite girlfriends and I want to look as good as I possibly can. Overall, I want to lose about 75lbs. I am sure it is going to take me about a year to reach this goal but I am hoping. Overall, mostly I want to learn to eat healthy and be able to control myself. Maybe all of this will make me feel better about myself too.

Secondly, I am going to start the couch to 5K program. It is going to take me more then 9 weeks or even more then 12 weeks to get there. I feel like I am going to die when I do the 30 day shred so I know that with all the weight that is on me it is going to be hard for me to do the 5K training too, but I am determined. I'll blog more about this later a this blog has already become very long.

I'll be blogging about my adventure and my weight loss. I am not sure I want to write the number that I am down now, but I may. Also, tomorrow I'll have pictures of me now, and maybe once a week or every two weeks I'll update to see my progress. If I have to hold myself accountable to all my bloggy friends then I am more likely to stick with it. Wish me luck everyone! I am going to need it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Say it aint so..... A Blog giveaway?

Made you look! Well, sort of. My friend Beth (Laugh until you cry) is having a give away to celebrate her blogiversary today. She's been laughing and crying (and all things in between) for 2 years now. And she's pretty good at it to. Unlike me, who umm, well lets just say needs to really prioritize things in my life and get to blogging more, haha!

So anyways, Beth has two giveaways going on to celebrate. The first one is a blog makeover (which I am going to win, so don't bother entering that one, hahaha!! I kid I kid). I know I could really use a blog makeover, how about you?

Her second give away is a custom invitation / announcement. You should totally take her up on this one if you need something like this in the near future.

Go check her out and leave her comments, follow her, whatever. Her rules about multiple entries are also on her post.

Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Day 2 = A bit better

OK, so today went a little bit better then yesterday. I went to Target last night and got another bucket, another bag of candy (thank god.... ) another set of spoons for yesterday's forgotten teacher and then a few other things for the rest of the week.

At 615 this morning I was putting everything together. Why I did not do this last night is beyond me, but it got done. I almost did not have enough candy to fill the little buckets. So that kind of bummed me out, but my husband was not running to the store at 630 to get more so I had to make do. This is what I came up with. Please excuse the PJ bottoms in the first picture. I JUST realized that it was there, haha!



I am a bit disappointed in this. I wish I would have thought of something more interesting to do. I wanted to steal Shell's idea but there were no more popcorn holders at Target so I had to go with what they had. I guess I just hope that the candy did not melt before it was given out, as today's high is expected to reach 94. Fingers crossed for me please!

As for tomorrow, I am still stuck. It is "Candle day". I don't want to buy a whole bunch of candles because I know how picky I am about smells. I'll think on this but if anyone else has an idea, I wouldn't mind the suggestions...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Day 1 = FAIL

OK, so it is day 1 of teacher appreciation week. If you recall, in my last blog, our PTO sent home a list of suggested gifts for each day of the week. I came up with a few ideas of my own and used a few that were given to me. I went to Target this past weekend to stock up on everything that I needed. Totally excited about the projects I could do with Chad and the amount of money I saved.

So here is what we did for day 1.


Yep, recipe cards with these little stainless measuring spoons attached to them. I even used a fantastic tortellini appetizer that we love to eat for them. We printed everything out, glued it all on the index cards and attached the spoons.

As I was bagging them up, I asked Chad how many teachers he saw on a daily basis. I am going to do a special gift outside of the "suggested" ideas for the other teachers (Gym, Art, Music, Library). He counts out... 1...2...3...4...5. Wait WHAT? 5? Seriously, who?? He said "Mrs. G, Ms. B, Ms. T, Mr. S and Ms. K"

Dammit... I only made 4.. What on earth was I thinking??? So now I look like the crappy parent who only likes four teachers.... Shoot Shoot Shoot.. I told him to give the gifts to the first four teachers of the day and then tomorrow when he gets to school, play it off like he just forgot to take it out for her. Man, I feel so bad.. LoL! Luckily, I know Target will have what I need to make it all better for tomorrow.

For all my teacher "Bloggy Buddies", Thank you for making a difference in my boys (and other children) life. I know they probably don't appreciate it now, but they will!!