Monday, August 9, 2010

Are you there god, its me Jessica

Yep, that was me today!

**let me preface this by saying I love my children! Love them to pieces! But teenagers know how to test the ever living crap out of you. Now I understand why my mother always would say she wanted to sell me to the gypsies...

Anyways, so today started off like any other morning. Well, for about 5 minutes anyways. Who knew the first day of school would turn a 13 year old boy into a 13 year old girl? And by girl, I don't mean taking forever to get ready. I mean the little whiney butt attitude that goes along with a lot of younger girls!

He lost his bike lock. Sometime over the summer, yet he expected that I was going to let him ride it to school anyways. Ahh think again mister, have a nice walk. Kids around here (especially high school kids) are known to steal bikes from the elementary school. Not ganna happen. Yep, got an attitude, and about 5 heavy loud sighs before he slammed the door (with the baby sleeping) and went to school.

Then... the cake topper.. when he got home, he was so unorganized (and there was not a lot to even be organized about... it was the 1st day of school). His math teacher gave them an easy peasy homework assignment. He acted like it was the end of the world. "I can't figure it out, I don't understand" and lots of blank stares at nothing until I told him to put it away, and email his teacher. Then I got a whole lot of "you think I am stupid, I don't want to email my teacher, blah blah blah".

Really? It is only the 1st day of school. The teacher put note up on how to do this assignment on his website. Chad said they did not do notes. Then when I showed him these notes, he said "Oh, I was paying attention when he did these, you don't have to write notes if you are paying attention".

Hmmmmm.... are you as confused as I, my blog readers? So you don't have to write notes if you are paying attention. Well, how may I ask do you write notes if you are not paying attention.

Long story short (wait, this blog post wasn't short at all, was it) homework did not get done. I got an attitude about everything because I don't know what I am talking about and I suck and I am so mean and I make things hard and I shouldn't make him do his homework (yes.. all out of my 13 year olds mouth).

All I am asking is for a bit of strength to get through tomorrow and the rest of the school year. So again I ask.. are you there god, it's me Jessica?????


  1. Jess- Keep up all the good work! You sound like an amazing mom! One day he will thank you. I remember making no logical sense and being WAY over dramatic as a teenager too. Man, those hormones mess you up! At least, he is at school most of the day now, right?! Hang in there, girl!

    PS Your writing way entertained me tonight, if that's any consolation... You are TOO FUNNY!

  2. WOAH! You're patience is incredible! I can not believe this is what we have to look forward to, BUT... I can understand his anxious attitude a bit. You said he's 13? Hes in 7th or 8th? He's interested in chicks now and woah does that mess up your junk. Hopefully things'll smooth out soon!

  3. Oh please don't tell me this is what I have to look forward to.