Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 27 ~ A good and bad day...

So, today was a good and bad day. Not that I am complaining because the good totally outweighs the bad though. But the bad is enough to just be annoying.. Lets start off.

Carl was supposed to be at work at 6:00. Yep, he totally did not leave until 6:50, then had a horrible commute in. Lots of traffic due to accidents on other highways, etc etc etc. Gets to work an has a P-O'd boss because he missed what he was supposed to be in early for.. Whoops. Then my ever so loving husband realized he had BOTH Sets of truck keys. Each set has the other persons spare truck key on it so I was trapped in the house with William today, with no way of going grocery shopping... YUCK!

Onto the good... Carl had his review this afternoon. Even after he pissed his boss off, the teleconference turned out to be great. He got a 4.0 out of 5. Most Managers at his level end up with like 3.4/3.6 or something. The highest one can achieve is a 5.0 but that has yet to happen. I am super proud of my husband. He's been in his position since May and he's been doing more work and has done a far better job the most managers in the company who have all been here even longer... That being said... more good news. We were told that his bonus was going to only be based on 65% of his yearly salary due to him starting this job in May. Kind of a bummer but we had gotten used to the idea. Well, during the review, he was told his boss put him in for even more then what he would have made at 100% of his yearly salary (They give out a certain % and then multiply that by his yearly salary... so like 7% of his yearly would be his bonus but we were expecting 7 of 65% of his salary.. does that make sense?). The whole thing has not been approved yet but he was told that things like that usually have no problem being approved because of the excellent amount of work my husband did.... so YAY for us.

Now onto daydreaming about what we are going to do with our bonus $$ and our tax $$. We know we are going to pay off the Durango so we do no have any car payment at all, but we are thinking about trading both trucks in for two new cars... We also want a new sectional couch, a new bed and I want to put a couple hundred away for plane tickets in April. I don't want to get my hopes up that we'll get the higher bonus because I know as soon as i do, for some reason, it wont get approved, but I'm keeping it in the back of my mind..

Oh and for tomorrows news. I have an appointment with a new "Lady bits" doctor. Being new to the area I just went with a big practice that had a well known name. Wish me luck. I NEED to get on a new form of BC and am thinking of heading back to Paraguard. But in order to do that, I need to have my annual check up. UGH! I wish we could just do it all at once.

Well, that's all for now! Join me in a happy dance!!! :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 26 ~ Post it note Tuesday!!

So today is Post it note Tuesday.

This is always a fun thing to do but whenever I think I can come up with something funny, I draw a blank when i get to the post it notes! Oh well. Maybe next week i'll be funnier. Until then, read my randomness below, then make your own here! Then go link up with SupahMommy over here! Have fun!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25 (Part 2) ~ Friend Makin Monday ~ My Daybook!!

Ok, So I have not participated in FMM in quite a long time. Mostly because I have not been able to be creative enough to think of things for Amber's questions. But this week is perfect. I love the little survey type things. Way back before there was Facebook, I used to do them ALL THE TIME on Myspace. I don't do them as much anymore but that is besides the point.

Ok, so back to FMM. Amber, over at {aefilkins} is hosting FMM again and this week she wants to know what your daybook is like.. Here is mine. After you read it, comment and then maybe go and post your own and link back to her when you are done!! Here are my answers.. I cant wait to read yours!

Outside my window...
It's beautiful. The sun is bright and the sky is blue blue blue. The mountains are very close and clear. I wish I had a picture of them today to show everyone. On a sunny day (which is like 360 days a year) we have the most stunning views of the mountains that are less then 2 miles from my house! I love AZ!

I am thinking....
I have so much to do but do not have the motivation to do any of it. I just keep thinking about all the things I should have done yesterday but with everyone sick, it didn't get done then, and it probably wont get done today either! I am a bad mom!

I am thankful...
I am thankful for my husband. There are so many times that I take for granted how much work he does for our family. He took care of me yesterday when I was sick, then when he was sick, he took care of Chad and his "sick bucket" even though he was 2 seconds away from running to the bathroom. I'm lucky to have him even though sometimes I state otherwise...

I am praying...
That the boys will move out here, and SOON! I miss them so much. This every other month thing is getting to be way to annoying!

I am reading...
Eclipse... AGAIN! What? I have to be ready for the movie to come out. And this time, I can read it slower. So maybe it'll take me four days instead of one?

I am creating...
Not a whole lot of anything. My creative talents have gone by the wayside. I should get back on this. I have a new friend who loves to make things but I've got nothing. Maybe I'll jump back on this bandwagon soon enough.

From the kitchen...
I am wondering what to make for dinner. With Chad and Carl sick and not eating and me not wanting much there are not a lot of options. Last nights menu consisted of Jello and Popsicles and even those proved to be VERY BAD ideas.. *sigh*

Around the house...
There is so much to do. Laundry, Vacuum, dishes, garbage, pick up toys.. Stuff that I should have done yesterday but neglected and will probably neglect today. Tomorrow will be a nightmare I think.

One of my favorite things...
I love hanging out with friends. And I think that I realized that even more this weekend when we had a bunch of people over for game night. This was the first time we've hosted anything since moving to AZ and I really do miss it. We had so much fun. The mess was totally worth it. I really hope we can do it again soon (even if it is going to someone else's house). I miss that time with friends.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
I'm hoping to get the house cleaned up tomorrow. Wednesday I want to take Will to tumble class again if he is feeling better, then Wednesday night, I am going to the movies with Shannon to see It's Complicated. Thursday, I have an appointment with the lady doctor and hopefully set up an appointment for an IUD. Friday, I might go do lunch with Shannon and D, if they are up for it and then resting this weekend. No plans for the weekend yet, but who knows, that could change.

So there is my FMM! I know, pretty boring answers, but it was a lot of fun for me. Now, I want to see your list.... Happy FMM!!

Day 25 (Part 1) We've been sick..

So, wow. If I ever thought that I could post for 365 days in a row, I guess I thought wrong. Apparently life gets in the way sometimes and that just isnt possible. Maybe I should think about changing my goal from 365 days to something else? Not sure what, because 365 days just seems so fun. I'll give it some thought and get back to you on it.

This weekend was pretty fun. It started on Friday when Will and I went out to lunch with some friends. We went to the Corner Bakery Cafe. When we got home, the people were here, fixing the leak in our ceiling. Will decided to be sick so we almost cancelled game night which was planned for Saturday. Thinking back on it, i think we should have cancelled because.........

The whole house is now sick. Saturday we were fine. Carl, Chad and I cleaned the house, made tons of food and waited for everyone to come over. People started arriving around 530. We all had a lot of fun. There was a lot of food and lots of friends. Not 30 minutes after the last group of friends left, it was my turn to be sick. I was up ALL NIGHT LONG.. Finally went into my room at 730 only for Carl to come in at 1230 and ask me what my first symptoms were.. Oh boy, here we go... When we put William down, Carl napped in Chads room, I was sleeping it off in my room and Chad was downstairs watching a movie. When William got up, Carl said he'd take him downstairs as I had a fever and needed rest. Not 20 minutes later, he text me saying Chad was throwing up. I had to come downstairs... 30 minutes after I came downstairs, there goes Carl, doing the run to the bathroom...

So as you can see, it was not a fun house here yesterday. Carl HAD to go to work today as he is the boss and the guy that works with him is flying to Dallas. The poor guy. Chad is up in his room. Nobody wants to eat and everyone is tired. Well, everyone except the little guy who is FULL of energy and needs to be followed all day.. Go figure!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22 ~ (Part 2) Welcome to the World sweet babies

Today is such a great day. Two of my friends both had their little babies today. Angela and Brian first welcomed into the world little Cameron Eugene was born this morning at 1:19. He is such a cutie pie!! A few days late, but he is here and his Mommy and Daddy love him to pieces!

Out of the blue last night, Kristyn's water broke and off to the hospital she went. She was only at 36 weeks but I guess her mystery baby decided it was time to come out and play. The reason I say mystery baby is because they did not know what they were having. This afternoon at 3:44pm, Kristyn and Derick welcomed into the world little Sarina Rose. I've yet to see a picture of her but my guess is she is going to be very beautiful like her parents!!!

This is such a great day! I am so happy for both of my friends!!! Being a mom is AMAZING ladies, and I hope that both of you enjoy every minute of it (even the bad parts).

Oh and I also want to add that my friend Lisa also welcomed a baby into the world this week. Her and her husband Tom, and their son Austin welcomed Dayton Max on Monday the 18th at 2:49 in the morning. It's been a GREAT week for "Nestie babies"..

I love you girls!

Day 22 ~ (Part 1) The Storm

So can you believe I did not post yesterday? I made it just shy of three weeks with posting daily and well.. I lost! I dont even have a good excuse as to why I lost but I did.

We had one heck of a storm blow through here yesterday. From what I gather, there has not been a storm this big in over 15 years. We had a ton of rain fall down (about 7 inches.. which is what AZ usually gets in a whole year) and to top it off, we had tornado watches. Seriously, a tornado watch.. That was enough to freak me out.

Our yard flooded out pretty good. I called my back yard Lake Vivace. I'd post pictures but whose intersted in seeing them? Oh and the water was somehow getting into my house and decided to cause a huge leak in a seam in my kitchen.. Yep, so today we've been dealing with the guys fixing it. I had a huge hole in my ceiling for a while but luckly, it's almost done. It wont be dry for a while though so it wont match the rest of my house..

The joys of living in a state that is not used to a lot of rain. Makes for a big mess when it does happen!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20 ~ Tumble time at the gym

So today, we went to a tumle time free range class. They called it "PreSchool Power Hour". This was the first time we went. It is $5 for the hour per kid.

William had a blast. He loved playing with all the other kids that were there. Here are some pictures.
Climbing through the tunnel
Up and down the big ramps (He did start walking up and down them after a few practice runs)
crawling again
Pushing the ball that was almost bigger then he was...
All done with the ball
In the foam pit...

He did not care for the foam pit all that much. The foam was hard to move around in and luckly, there was someone there with us who helped us climb out of there.

We'll be going back next week!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19 ~ A change will do Massachuettes good

... and it is going to start with Scott Brown. A Republician candidate is going to be the new person in the seat of Senate for Massachuettes. This hasnt happend since I dont know when. I could probably look it up but nah, I dont want to.

I think that this is going to be a great change for he state. Massachuettes needs a bit of help. Next I hope that they vote Patrick out of office and replace him with someone who could help the state better.

I dont live in MA right now but I could not be any happier. 2010 is absolutely a year for change and Im glad that it is starting there!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18 ~ Game night at the V house

So I Am getting super excited. I am hosting our first official game night at our house. I've met a few really nice girls via and we've decided to have a game night.

I just kind of threw this at my husband tonight. I meant to bring it up to him a few weeks ago but forgot. I actually forgot it was THIS weekend up until umm about 30 minutes ago. The month has gone by so quickly. It feels good to know that we are able to host a group of people.

So now I ask of you, what kind of snacks would you lay out for everyone?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17 ~ Dinner will be amazing

So today was mostly a good day. We watched football and tried to polish off season 3 of Smallville. I had to go to Frys and some lady flipped ME off because she was sitting in the middle of the parking lot, then sped forward then stopped. I was behind her, trying to go around her but she throws it in reverse and tries to go into a spot. Ummm Hello I CANT BACK UP! There are people behind me. Dont wave your hands and call me an effing idiot because you are a stupid driver.. UGH!

Now Im home. Watching the weather. Looks like we have a ton of rain coming in next week. Since when does it rain for 5 days straight in AZ! UGH! Luckly, it'll be mostly off and on showers but my husbands commute will not be fun.

Dinner is in the oven and smells delish. I made homemade meatballs and now they are sitting in a pan of sauce. Right now, Ranch Roasted Potatoes are in the oven and I can not wait to eat. So much for that pound and a half I lost shredding.. *Sigh*.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16 ~ With 3 minutes to go..

The Colts are one step closer to the superbowl!!! WOOT WOOT!!

In better news.. I officially taught William how to say eighteen! I couldnt get him to say Manning, or Peyton but when I said "Say 18" he goes "ate-een". YAY for my almost 17 month old cheering on the right man! Though, my husband disapproves!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15 ~ Awwww

So as I fold laundry I look over and see this

He's watching his most FAVORITE show (The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) with his most favorite friend!! Awwww

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14 ~ Two full weeks.

Wow, I've made it two full weeks. Blogging every single day for two full weeks has been a lot harder then I thought. Some of these days, I sit around and have to actually think about what I am going to blog about. And nothing I say lately has been that interesting either. Which makes things a little bit sad.

Today was day 4 of shredding. Yesterday, i was a total and utter failure. With bringing Will to the doctor, grocery shopping, running groceries in, cooking, cleaning, etc. etc. etc., I just had no motivation. I put the shred in and started it for a few minutes but then Chad yelled from the other room that he needed help with something so off I went, and I didnt look back. Day 3 of the shred was horrible, haha!

But today, I put it in again. I waited for William to go to bed and off I went to begin the process of yelling at the TV. Today wasnt as bad as Tuesday, but I am still utterly disappointed in myself. I dont think I currently have the Will power to keep myself going until the end. I give up to easily.

On Saturday, Carl is going to start shredding with me. Maybe this will be easier for me to go the whole video when he is right there beside me. I mean, he'll be there, watching (and working his butt off too). I am less likely to quit if I look like a failure to someone. Though, i'd like to make it all the way through, at least once before he starts. So I can show him up a bit. Haha.. Maybe tomorrow will be my drive. It is the last day before my husband is working out with me...

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13 ~ 3 more shots

So I dont have a lot of time to write today, but I wanted to talk about my not so little guy. He had his 15 month appointment (he'll be 17 months on the 21st) and he is HUGE. He is a heafty 26.7lbs and 33 3/4". He is measuring in the 96% for height and the 70% for weight. He is super tall and not really that heavy for being so tall. His head is off the charts but that is OK because all their heads are huge, haha! They have big brains!

On Monday, we went to the doctor to get his seasonal flu booster and his H1N1 booster but today when we went back, he got THREE more shots... YIKES! He took them like a trooper though. Luckly, we dont have to go back until he is 2 (August).

Id type more, but my keys are sticking on the computer due to some little guy knocking his apple juice on me which led to it also spilling on the computer... *sigh*. More tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12 ~ 2nd try at the 30 Day Shred

So I tried the shred again today, and must say I did a bit better then yesterday. I weighed myself (was up a pound from yesterday.. not sure why) and set up my mat and weights. William was still awake at this point because I have so much to get done when he naps, that I had to do it an hour earlier. He helped me warm up by doing the arm crosses and windmills with me. Then he just wanted to try to use my 3lb weights to tone his little arms. I wish I could have paused for a picture.

I did better today, then yesterday but still did not finish. How hard is it for a person to finish 20 minutes of exercise? I mean seriously? I can do lots of things for 20 minutes but this video is somehow pushing me away from it. My heart was pounding and I was huffing and puffing and sweating. I made it through 2 full circuts before I called it quits. And I had to push at the end of the second circut. I guess that is what she wants you to do, correct? I watched them do the third circut as I stretched and cooled down. I thought I was going to be sick at the end, haha! Man, she kicks my butt. I really hope that tomorrow I can make it through all three of them. I'd like to be able to know that I can push myself for a full 20 minutes. I am giving myself two more days to finish the whole routine though. I dont want to say that I have to finish the whole thing tomorrow, but i'd like to.

I guess I am way more out of shape then I realized. This makes me feel bad because I want to be out on the fields again. Coaching the soccer team and I realized today that there is no way I could do that. Back in high school and even after I was so in shape. I was heavier but I could do all kinds of exercise and not feel as tired as I feel right now. Soccer was my life in school. When Chad was old enough to play, i was coaching his team for a few years. I know that I wouldnt be able to keep up if I were out there now and that is not where I want to be. So I have a goal. At first I thought that it was to lose weight and look as pretty as all those skinny girls at the lake, but now it is to just be able to run round with my kids and not feel winded or feel like my heart is going to stop.

I CAN DO IT! I know I can!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11 ~ O.M.F.G... Jillian is the DEVIL!

Ok - so like I said a few days ago, today I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. If I wasn't so determined, today would be my LAST day of the 30 day shred, haha!

So this is how my day played out. We got up and went to the doctor for William's booster shots for Seasonal and H1N1 flu. Then we went to Target to get a few things (including my Yoga Mat and my 3lb weights). Got home, had lunch and put William down for his nap. I got undressed, weighed myself and then put on my fancy schmancy exercise clothes and popped in the DVD. That was the end of my day as I knew it, haha!

The warm ups were more diffacult then I remembered warm ups to be. Well, more-so the jumping jacks. When you are vey overweight, jumping jacks can prove to be a problem. Somehow, I manged to get through it though. Ok.. moving on.

I was able to fallow her (or more Anita.. is that her name) for about 5 minutes with out thinking twice. After that, I felt like I was having a heart attack and I wanted to die. 10 minutes into it, I gave up. HOLY CRAP she kicked my @ss! I watched the last 10 minutes and it is funny, it seems that the last 10 minutes are easier then the first. I just had a hard time with the jumping jacks AND jumping rope back to back. My fat heart couldnt take it. And the push ups, well lets just say that those are a form of cruel and unusual punnishment. They should be outlawed. At least in Arizona, anyways.

I am determined to get through it though. After I had enough I relaxed and talked to my husband about it. Like he said, today might have only been 10 minutes of the video, but tomorrow might be 13 or 15 and by the end of the week, I will be able to do the whole set with out giving up. I will admit, I felt like a failure but failures would totally give up. I am not going to do that. I am just obviously going to take it at a slower pace right now. I CAN DO THIS!

Oh and yes, I am sore just from my 10 minute work out. I am feeling "tight" in places i did not even know I could feel "tight" in. I hope that is a good thing!

This fatty is going to take control of her life. One work out at a time! Check back with me tomorrow to see how that worked out for me!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10 ~ Playoff Day

** Just a warning.. this posting is going to be EVERYWHERE.... **

So today was a big day in the "V" house. It was play off day for Carl. The Pats vs. the Ravens. Carl got up bright and early with William, yet again allowing me to sleep in. When I came downstairs, we gave William a bath and he got ready for the Playoff game. The boys had to get their haircut at noon, so at the end of the 1st quarter when we left my husband was pretty grumpy. The Ravens were up 24-0 I think. Not sure but it wasnt good.

The boys looked pretty amazing after their haircuts. We are having issues with my 12 year old again so we were not in good moods. Will went for his nap and Chad went to his room to read. Yeah, he fell asleep. Anyways.. back to the playoff game. We recoreded it so Carl could finish watching it when he could. I dont know why we bothered.. The pats SUCKED! Bigtime. I, am happy that they are out for the year, but my husband... well, not so much!

Dinner was amazing. I made a chicken corn chowder... I LOVE CCC night. I wish I could do it more often.

Did you watch any football today?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 ~ So so tired today

So this morning started off pretty good. William slept until after 8 which is always nice. Carl was supposed to get right up with him so I could sleep in, but he decided to let Will play and then fuss over the moniter for 10 or so extra minutes so of course that had me wide awake... Grrr

We went to Gilbert to pick up the new trundle bed and all the bedding for it. I am absolutely in love with it. We had to make a few stops on the way home, but found ourselves here around 330. Will took a nap but he was up by 5. YUCK!

I have not put the beds together yet. Chad decided he wanted to sleep at his friends house, and Carl was to busy just being a pain so i'll be doing it tomorrow. We got pizza from Pizza Hut (i can hear Jillian Michaels yelling at me for that extra breadstick I hate) and are now about to go watch either the Ugly Truth or Transformers 2. Then BED! Actually, im pretty sure that i'll pass out before the opening credits but we'll see.

Tonight I ask of you.... What did you do today?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8 ~ What day is today??

Today is PAY DAY! I love payday... It is my most favorite day of the umm every two weeks :-)

I got all of the bills paid, a new tire for my truck, money into savings and still have a boat load left.. Woohoo! Not for long though. We're going to get new beds for the guest room / boys room. We have not gotten around to it yet so when is a better time for it?

We tried to go out tonight but the place we went to was horrible. Oh well. At least I got a nice Unhealthy dinner from Sonic. Im enjoying it while I can because on Monday, im starting Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Wish me and my fat butt luck :-)

So that's about it for today. Its late and Im tired. I'll be sure to post pics in the next few days of the new beds.. We'll see what I end up with.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 ~ YAY The boys are coming

So I am super duper excited right now. I just got ticket conformation for my two boys to come out here to Phoenix. See, when I moved here with my husband, only my oldest and youngest came with me. My two middle boys did not want to leave their dad so they stayed behind much to my displeasure. They are going to be out here hopefully after summer vacation , for good - but until then, there has been a LOT of flying on my part to go back east.

Well, my IL's have so kindly offered to fly out here to Phoenix with them for Feb. vacation. How exciting is that? SUPER DUPER exciting if you ask me. This will be the first time that they come out here to our house and they are so looking forward to it. I was going to go back east for Feb. vacation but was dreading it due to the absurd coldness that is hitting there. Now I don't have to think about it..

So that is my blog for today. I figured it was HUGE news and I wanted to share it with the total of 3 readers that may check this out!! Be happy for me :-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6 ~ What I meant to say, Wednesdays

So here is something new. When I was doing Post it note, Tuesday I saw that Cheif was starting up a new Meme called What I meant to say, Wednesday.

This is a great idea actually. Dont you always have those days or those feelings when someone asks you something (or you ask someone something) and you have to answer in the most polite way, but there is something that you REALLY REALLY meant to say?? I know I do... So here I go. Read them, laugh and then post your own and link back to Chief...

To my 12 year old son: No, you may not go outside until you finnish cleaning YOUR bathroom.

What I meant to say: Seriously??? I've asked you to clean your bathroom 5 times already today and you've only been home for an hour. Dont ask me again, if you can go outside, knowing that you have not cleaned your bathroom yet! It's not MY fault that you left YOUR wet towel on the floor and the tags to all of your clothes IN the sink..... GO DO IT NOW!!!

To the UPS guy: Sorry, I did not hear the doorbell ringing

What I meant to say: Yes, I heard the effing door bell. All 5 times that you rang it. I was trying o ignore you since I knew you'd leave my package near the stoop like you ALWAYS do. After I assumed you were done ringing the bell, I went outside only to see you putting the package where you always put it only to look like an idiot for not answering the door. ENOUGH. You need not ring the bell 5 times.

To the lady at the dress shop: No thanks, im just looking...

What I meant to say: If I wanted your help, I would ask for it. Now quit fallowing me around the store like Im some 14 year old shoplifter. No I dont want you to check if you have more sizes out back, no I dont want you to suggest something else. Mostly, I want you to leave me alone and when I need your help, i'll ask for it. K-thanks-bye!

I know I have a lot more but I want to save them up. Now, what are some things that you meant to say even though I know you are more polite then that????

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5 ~ Post it note Tuesday

Well, this seems like a pretty fun idea. While I was checking out Shell's Blog, I noticed she was part of this super crazy weekly adventure called Post it note Tuesday..

Go check it out if you have not been there yet, and then make a blog all about your life in a post it note (or notes). I love this idea.... Im glad that I am a blog stalker... err hopper.

Seriously.... I havent had a tire in over a week. Get to it already!!

And while you are out, can you get me an extra special treat???

Where are my priorities... Not with the laundry

yyyuuummm.... is it dinner time yet?

Ok, so I wont lie. I am not creative but I will try my hardest to be better next week! Happy Post it note Tuesday to you!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4 ~ Not feeling so hot tonight

So Im not feeling so hot tonight. Basically, I have this headache that WONT go away. I've had all kinds of meds AND coffee yet here I sit.. In lots of pain. So tonights blog wont be anything to write home about. I am actually going to get off here, get a cold towel and go lay down. Maybe i'll even watch the Bachelor! Woohoo...

My question to you is:
Do you watch any reality TV? If so, what do you watch?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 ~ Toy Room Fun

So today, we decided to move our house around a little bit. As if our livin room wasnt big enough, we decided to give ourselves even more room in here. We have an empty room at the front of the house and Will loves playing in it. So we figured that we'd make it his official toy room. We brought down his train table from the loft and then brought out two totes of old toys. We set the room up for him and he's been in there most of the day, playing with all his new things.

So then the loft has turned into a "TV/Entertainment" room for Chad. The loft was both Chad's room for homework, to watch TV (whenever we were going to hook it up) and play video games and for Will to play, but now it is Chad's personal entertainment room. How sweet! When I was 12, I was lucky if my mom let us watch TV in the living room. Kids are so spoiled these days. I guess I should call Direct TV to hook up the box for that room. We have not used it since we moved in so they "de-activated" it. Anyways, Chad LOVES it! I love seeing the smiles on the boys faces when we can do these things for them.

My question for you tonight is: What was for dinner?
~We had a stovetop stuffing chicken and vegetable bake. It is one of the favorites in this house and always makes enough for leftovers so everyone has lunch tomorrow!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 ~ A few of my favorites

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Christmas time. I've put some of these on FB but they are good enough to put here as well.
Will and his best buddy Dominic

Another one of the two boys. Helping each other open gifts at Dominics Grandmothers house.

3 of us at Christmas time (the older boys were back east with their Dad).

Today, we are taking down Christmas. I wanted to get rid of it on the 26th, but Dad thought that we'd save it for the 1st. So here it is, January 2nd and its finally coming down! Now, to get him to take the lights off the front of the house.

My question to you.. When did your Christmas come down?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 ~ Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Can you believe is 2010? Where has the time gone?

So keeping with my promise of a blog every day, here is blog number 1. I'am posting it with exactly two hours left of the first day. Talk about waiting until the last minute huh? I swear, I have an excuse. Chad flew back to AZ from New Hampshire today. He's been gone since the 18th visiting his family back east and tonight, we had to go down to PHX to pick him up. Here he is, coming off of the plane :-) Surprise Chaddy.... Carl is in your face with a camera!

After we left the airport we decided to hit up Applebees. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Lacasse for their lovely gift card, dinner was on the cheap! Now, it is 10PM and we are home. So I guess that is it for today.

I will leave you with a question that I asked all my friends on Facebook;
~How will you say 2010 when speaking out loud? Will say twenty ten, or will you say two thousand and ten? Or do you have another way of doing things? Leave me a comment and let me know!! Happy New Year, Everyone!