Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 7 Adventure..... Senses galore

Ok, again I am a day late but the task of the day is the five senses. What are you doing with your five senses right now...

Hear ~ Swiper no Swiping.... anyone guess what I am listening to right now?
swiper Pictures, Images and Photos

Touch ~ Hello laptop :-)
Inspiron 15 T4500 Pictures, Images and Photos

Taste ~ Don Francisco French Vanilla coffee.... Soooooo yummy
Don Francisco\'s Pictures, Images and Photos

See ~ Again, hello Swiper no Swiping..... God I hate this show
dora dora Pictures, Images and Photos

Smell ~ Carpet powder... Having a house that is 95% carpet, smells never go away so we take stock in carpet powder. I smell EVERYTHING! And I super worry when people come over that it is smelly in here and I missed it. Hopefully one of my fabulous AZ friends would tell me if it smelt bad :-)

Now, onto day 8 in my next post!


  1. Swiper no Swiping!! That's like the best part. And yes, whenever I visit, I'll let you know. But I bet your carpets smell good

  2. dora dora dora the explorer, come inside its fun inside! I'm always sniffing around our house too, the boys think i'm nuts :)