Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6 ~ What I meant to say, Wednesdays

So here is something new. When I was doing Post it note, Tuesday I saw that Cheif was starting up a new Meme called What I meant to say, Wednesday.

This is a great idea actually. Dont you always have those days or those feelings when someone asks you something (or you ask someone something) and you have to answer in the most polite way, but there is something that you REALLY REALLY meant to say?? I know I do... So here I go. Read them, laugh and then post your own and link back to Chief...

To my 12 year old son: No, you may not go outside until you finnish cleaning YOUR bathroom.

What I meant to say: Seriously??? I've asked you to clean your bathroom 5 times already today and you've only been home for an hour. Dont ask me again, if you can go outside, knowing that you have not cleaned your bathroom yet! It's not MY fault that you left YOUR wet towel on the floor and the tags to all of your clothes IN the sink..... GO DO IT NOW!!!

To the UPS guy: Sorry, I did not hear the doorbell ringing

What I meant to say: Yes, I heard the effing door bell. All 5 times that you rang it. I was trying o ignore you since I knew you'd leave my package near the stoop like you ALWAYS do. After I assumed you were done ringing the bell, I went outside only to see you putting the package where you always put it only to look like an idiot for not answering the door. ENOUGH. You need not ring the bell 5 times.

To the lady at the dress shop: No thanks, im just looking...

What I meant to say: If I wanted your help, I would ask for it. Now quit fallowing me around the store like Im some 14 year old shoplifter. No I dont want you to check if you have more sizes out back, no I dont want you to suggest something else. Mostly, I want you to leave me alone and when I need your help, i'll ask for it. K-thanks-bye!

I know I have a lot more but I want to save them up. Now, what are some things that you meant to say even though I know you are more polite then that????


  1. That has to be the worst! The lurkers who try to help you pick out clothes

    it makes me so uncomfortable

    The Dress Barn does this!


    Thanks for playing!

  2. I love that when they just keep ringing the door bell! Hello, if I didn't answer it the first time I obviously don't want to answer it the 5th!