Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22 ~ (Part 1) The Storm

So can you believe I did not post yesterday? I made it just shy of three weeks with posting daily and well.. I lost! I dont even have a good excuse as to why I lost but I did.

We had one heck of a storm blow through here yesterday. From what I gather, there has not been a storm this big in over 15 years. We had a ton of rain fall down (about 7 inches.. which is what AZ usually gets in a whole year) and to top it off, we had tornado watches. Seriously, a tornado watch.. That was enough to freak me out.

Our yard flooded out pretty good. I called my back yard Lake Vivace. I'd post pictures but whose intersted in seeing them? Oh and the water was somehow getting into my house and decided to cause a huge leak in a seam in my kitchen.. Yep, so today we've been dealing with the guys fixing it. I had a huge hole in my ceiling for a while but luckly, it's almost done. It wont be dry for a while though so it wont match the rest of my house..

The joys of living in a state that is not used to a lot of rain. Makes for a big mess when it does happen!

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