Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11 ~ O.M.F.G... Jillian is the DEVIL!

Ok - so like I said a few days ago, today I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. If I wasn't so determined, today would be my LAST day of the 30 day shred, haha!

So this is how my day played out. We got up and went to the doctor for William's booster shots for Seasonal and H1N1 flu. Then we went to Target to get a few things (including my Yoga Mat and my 3lb weights). Got home, had lunch and put William down for his nap. I got undressed, weighed myself and then put on my fancy schmancy exercise clothes and popped in the DVD. That was the end of my day as I knew it, haha!

The warm ups were more diffacult then I remembered warm ups to be. Well, more-so the jumping jacks. When you are vey overweight, jumping jacks can prove to be a problem. Somehow, I manged to get through it though. Ok.. moving on.

I was able to fallow her (or more Anita.. is that her name) for about 5 minutes with out thinking twice. After that, I felt like I was having a heart attack and I wanted to die. 10 minutes into it, I gave up. HOLY CRAP she kicked my @ss! I watched the last 10 minutes and it is funny, it seems that the last 10 minutes are easier then the first. I just had a hard time with the jumping jacks AND jumping rope back to back. My fat heart couldnt take it. And the push ups, well lets just say that those are a form of cruel and unusual punnishment. They should be outlawed. At least in Arizona, anyways.

I am determined to get through it though. After I had enough I relaxed and talked to my husband about it. Like he said, today might have only been 10 minutes of the video, but tomorrow might be 13 or 15 and by the end of the week, I will be able to do the whole set with out giving up. I will admit, I felt like a failure but failures would totally give up. I am not going to do that. I am just obviously going to take it at a slower pace right now. I CAN DO THIS!

Oh and yes, I am sore just from my 10 minute work out. I am feeling "tight" in places i did not even know I could feel "tight" in. I hope that is a good thing!

This fatty is going to take control of her life. One work out at a time! Check back with me tomorrow to see how that worked out for me!


  1. You can do it girl, Soon I will be there right with you.

  2. Oh girl, I know it is HARD!! I was huffing & puffing, panting & cursing her from day 1. And I thought, "Holy crap! How am I going to do this for 30 days!?" BUT, I pushed through & felt so good that I did it. I was sore as all get out for day 1 & 2, then it got SOOOO much better. Push through! Even if, like you said, you can't make it all the way through yet. I would say if you have to stop, only stop for a part of each move. Then push through. One thing that helps me when I'm wiped out, especially b/c the jumping jacks followed by the jump rope are SO hard, is I kind of run in place on the jump rope part. I basically do one foot at a time. It helps. Then I push through for as much of it as I can.

    Hope that helps! Sorry I just doled out all kinds of advice that you didn't even ask for! :)