Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 ~ Toy Room Fun

So today, we decided to move our house around a little bit. As if our livin room wasnt big enough, we decided to give ourselves even more room in here. We have an empty room at the front of the house and Will loves playing in it. So we figured that we'd make it his official toy room. We brought down his train table from the loft and then brought out two totes of old toys. We set the room up for him and he's been in there most of the day, playing with all his new things.

So then the loft has turned into a "TV/Entertainment" room for Chad. The loft was both Chad's room for homework, to watch TV (whenever we were going to hook it up) and play video games and for Will to play, but now it is Chad's personal entertainment room. How sweet! When I was 12, I was lucky if my mom let us watch TV in the living room. Kids are so spoiled these days. I guess I should call Direct TV to hook up the box for that room. We have not used it since we moved in so they "de-activated" it. Anyways, Chad LOVES it! I love seeing the smiles on the boys faces when we can do these things for them.

My question for you tonight is: What was for dinner?
~We had a stovetop stuffing chicken and vegetable bake. It is one of the favorites in this house and always makes enough for leftovers so everyone has lunch tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like you are making good use of the space you have!

    Last night was sweet&savory pork chops and green beans.

    Tonight is pizza meatloaf on the side...

  2. What a lucky guy Chad is! Sounds like a perfect set up, though. He and Will both have their play rooms.

    Last night we ate chicken nuggets and fries. Aaah, comfort food. Perfect after a day of being so lazy I can't believe it!