Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14 ~ Two full weeks.

Wow, I've made it two full weeks. Blogging every single day for two full weeks has been a lot harder then I thought. Some of these days, I sit around and have to actually think about what I am going to blog about. And nothing I say lately has been that interesting either. Which makes things a little bit sad.

Today was day 4 of shredding. Yesterday, i was a total and utter failure. With bringing Will to the doctor, grocery shopping, running groceries in, cooking, cleaning, etc. etc. etc., I just had no motivation. I put the shred in and started it for a few minutes but then Chad yelled from the other room that he needed help with something so off I went, and I didnt look back. Day 3 of the shred was horrible, haha!

But today, I put it in again. I waited for William to go to bed and off I went to begin the process of yelling at the TV. Today wasnt as bad as Tuesday, but I am still utterly disappointed in myself. I dont think I currently have the Will power to keep myself going until the end. I give up to easily.

On Saturday, Carl is going to start shredding with me. Maybe this will be easier for me to go the whole video when he is right there beside me. I mean, he'll be there, watching (and working his butt off too). I am less likely to quit if I look like a failure to someone. Though, i'd like to make it all the way through, at least once before he starts. So I can show him up a bit. Haha.. Maybe tomorrow will be my drive. It is the last day before my husband is working out with me...

Wish me luck!

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