Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13 ~ 3 more shots

So I dont have a lot of time to write today, but I wanted to talk about my not so little guy. He had his 15 month appointment (he'll be 17 months on the 21st) and he is HUGE. He is a heafty 26.7lbs and 33 3/4". He is measuring in the 96% for height and the 70% for weight. He is super tall and not really that heavy for being so tall. His head is off the charts but that is OK because all their heads are huge, haha! They have big brains!

On Monday, we went to the doctor to get his seasonal flu booster and his H1N1 booster but today when we went back, he got THREE more shots... YIKES! He took them like a trooper though. Luckly, we dont have to go back until he is 2 (August).

Id type more, but my keys are sticking on the computer due to some little guy knocking his apple juice on me which led to it also spilling on the computer... *sigh*. More tomorrow!

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  1. Go Will! Sounds like a great appointment! What a little toughie with all of those shots. :-)