Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22 ~ (Part 2) Welcome to the World sweet babies

Today is such a great day. Two of my friends both had their little babies today. Angela and Brian first welcomed into the world little Cameron Eugene was born this morning at 1:19. He is such a cutie pie!! A few days late, but he is here and his Mommy and Daddy love him to pieces!

Out of the blue last night, Kristyn's water broke and off to the hospital she went. She was only at 36 weeks but I guess her mystery baby decided it was time to come out and play. The reason I say mystery baby is because they did not know what they were having. This afternoon at 3:44pm, Kristyn and Derick welcomed into the world little Sarina Rose. I've yet to see a picture of her but my guess is she is going to be very beautiful like her parents!!!

This is such a great day! I am so happy for both of my friends!!! Being a mom is AMAZING ladies, and I hope that both of you enjoy every minute of it (even the bad parts).

Oh and I also want to add that my friend Lisa also welcomed a baby into the world this week. Her and her husband Tom, and their son Austin welcomed Dayton Max on Monday the 18th at 2:49 in the morning. It's been a GREAT week for "Nestie babies"..

I love you girls!

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  1. Thanks Jess!! It has been a very exciting week! :)