Monday, February 1, 2010

Not giving up, just changing the rules a bit

So I am very dissappointed in myself. I think that I, once again set my expectations way to high and now here I am failing and changing the rules again. Oh well, I guess my life is more busy then I figured it would be.

My mission to blog at least once a day for a year has totally failed as you all can see. Skipping days, left and right, posting a few times in one day to make up for the days I skipped. I just dont think I want to do that anymore. If I cant post something interesting, why post at all, right?

I should be on posting day 32. Yep, I've missed 5 days since posting last. I think it is time to change the rules a bit. Maybe the new rule is, i'll post 3 days a week at least :-). That should be do-able. There are more then enough things that happen in 3 days that someone else might find interest in?

So that is my new rule. 3 posts a week (Or more). I think this is better! Lets see how long it takes me to fail this time.

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