Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh no.... I've been BUSTED

So, because you all know how much I like to move around from blog to blog I've decided to try a new Monday MEme. Today, after reading Things I cant say I decided to give MommyBrain and SupahMommy's MEme a go. Here are the apparent rules for the week..

Tell us about a time you got pulled over.

If there are too many times to chose just one,
slow the f down give us a list of your top 5.

If you've never been pulled over (seriously?!),
tell us what you've done in your car that could get you pulled over!
(didn't mean that to sound so racy!)

If you're a goody two-shoes to the nth degree,
tell us a funny story involving a car!

So, I guess I'm one of those girls who sometimes needs to slow down. In my defense, I've been SO MUCH better since having kids but still.... it happens. One incident stands out more then the rest so I guess I'll tell you about that one.

It was somewhere around 1AM. I had been out all night with my girlfriends. I think we were at the club, though I am not sure. I wasn't drinking (I was the DD) and had just dropped my last friend off. She lived in Wells, Maine. I lived in Springvale Maine (about 30 miles away). OK, so since it is 1AM I was going a little faster then I should have been. Maybe doing 45 in a 35? It was a "main" street, meaning it was the road to the beach. There were not a lot of houses on the road, there were not any businesses or anything of the sort. All it was was a stretch of road for about a mile it slows down from 50 to 35 for no apparent reason? It wasn't any different from the part of road that is 50, but whatever.. it was 35.

So I'm driving down the road, jamming out to Ms. Spears (she was still a Ms. at the time). I had seen one of the two cops that are in this town at night time a few miles back so when I hit the 35 mph zone i was like yeah OK! I kept going. I did slow down to about 45 but that is besides the point. Next thing I know I see mother-effing blues in my rear view mirror.... Eff Eff Eff.... That is what I thought... EFF EFF EFF!!

I pull over (totally did not have my seat belt on by the way) and grab my registration/insurance and wait for the cop. He comes up to my window and asks me first, why I don't have my seat belt on... Thinking quick, i tell him I unbuckled to get my paperwork and hand it to him. He tells me next time that I should wait until he asks for it before I unbuckle to do that. Point taken I tell him. Next he asks me why he pulled me over. I'm thinking in my head "Dude, you know why you pulled me over, you tell me"). I say to him "I'm not sure, I don't think I was speeding.. do I have a light out"?

He then proceeds to tell me that I was in fact speeding ("no crap" I think). I gasp and say "I was?? I'm sorry".

He asks me if I was from around here, or if I know the roads in this area, or the set speed limits and I tell him no. He takes my papers back to his car and does whatever it is cops do and then comes back to me with a bunch of papers in his hand. He gives me my license, registration and insurance card back and then says "So, you don't know this area huh"?

Me in all my mighty 22 year oldness say "no sir" and he goes "well, considering you lived 2 minutes from here 2 years ago, you must not get out much" and give me a ticket for $124. CRAP!!! BUSTED!!

I should have known that he could see my old address in his cop computer. What was I thinking. I probably could have walked away with a warning had I not told the "Big" lie about not knowing anything about where I was... and TWICE at that, haha!!

OK, so now it is your turn. Have you ever been busted?? If so I want to read all about it!


  1. Ouch!! You were so close! He was totally going to let you off!

  2. That was just too funny. I can so picture the whole scene and don't you love it when the cops come over and always ask you why you were pulled you are really going to say for driving I don't know 10 miles OVER the speed limit. Right.