Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Was at? Oh Chee"

OK. I am once again a super excited over the moon Mom. Our youngest son, William has a pretty big vocabulary. He says a lot of one word things and up until today has never said a complete sentence. I guess I have string cheese to thank for our wonderful surprise.

We were having our mid morning snack of apple juice and string cheese. Today was the first time he has had string cheese and he was really getting into it. Each time I gave him a piece i would tell him it was cheese. He has had cheese before but whenever we give him something (be it a toy, game, spoon, etc) we always tell him what it is. Hopefully to help his vocabulary out.

Anyways, back to the point at hand. He decided he wanted to go play with a toy and he only had one piece of cheese left to eat. I brought it over to him and he looks at me and says "Was at? Oh Chee". I couldn't believe it. He spoke his first full sentence. I know that he can not fully pronounce everything but you can absolutely understand what he is saying all of the time. So his first sentence will go down as "Whats that? Oh Cheese". I am so proud!!

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