Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

This weekend has been sort of a crazy weekend. Our friend from the Army and his new girlfriend came for a visit. I wasnt too sure how I was going to feel about her because, well.. she came here from over seas. Now, I have no problem with people coming here from anywhere but it was very fishy at the time that my friend is getting a divorce then all of a sudden this girl is getting one and is all in love with my friend. I was worried that she was attaching onto him for a totally wrong reason, but I think was wrong.
She is a very sweet girl! She seems to care a lot about my friend so that is a good thing. I really hope this is it for him. He'll be working on his third marriage at this point and I really hope for his sake that it doesnt end badly. Our friend is a great guy but he sometimes can be a bit much to handle. I guess we'll see.
So, onto bigger and better things. We had a blast this weekend. We did not do a whole lot over the weekend. Which was NICE! We hung out here on Saturday and then on Sunday, we went to the lake. The lakes out here are very strange. Very rocky and hard to walk into. I will say, they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Here, look for yourself. I did not get a ton of pictures but these few do speak words.

So yeah, as I said.. the lakes are great. The water is just right and the scenery is amazing. After a bit of "irish tanning" we came home and made dinner. After dinner, Apples to Apples and drinks! I must say, it felt pretty good to be able to drink again. Not that I love drinking by any means, but I have not done it in so long. Is it bad that I look forward to drinking every once in a while.
Our friends went home today! They left this morning. Time to get my life back in order I suppose. The house is a big fat mess. I haven't done any laundry all weekend and now that it is Monday, I am in my peak hours so I cant do it until after 9PM. Good thing Carl has clothes for tomorrow. Oh, and speaking of tomorrow, William has to go get his shots and Pest control is coming. Granted, it couldnt be soon enough since we are finding little bugs more and more in here. Time to kill them all off! Woohoo!
That's it for now! More later! Much love to everyone..
xoxo - Momma V

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