Monday, September 28, 2009

Warning: Statements below may offend - Apparently I should have a private blog?

I guess nothing is personal anymore. With ALL the things to do on the internet, and all the websites to go my blog has taken on personal interest of someone that I really cant stand. I mean, I guess I had assumed that if you didn't like someone, and knew that someone did not like you, you wouldn't really be browsing around on their blog. Why would you? I mean, they wouldn't be saying anything interesting to you? Would they? I guess at this point it is a matter of nosey-ness vs. actually giving a crap.

So tonight, drama hit a message board I am on. Again. And surprise surprise, it all had to do with the same person it ALWAYS has to do with. Things were wonderful until she came back. Then again like a ticking time bomb.. it blew up. I was good with keeping the drama off the board. I did not post what I felt. I didn't say STFU... nobody cares when I wanted too. I vented here. I mean, why oh why would SHE look at my blog. And honestly, I did not much care that she did. But I figured if I could leave it off the board then maybe, just maybe she would as well. I don't talk to her she doesn't talk to me, all peace is stable. Butttt nooooo... She has word vomit and there she goes again....

So here I am now, posting on my PERSONAL yet PUBLIC blog. I don't really care who sees it. If you don't want to see it, don't look at it. I'll be as real with you as you are with me. End of story!

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  1. She looks because she is obviously jealous of you! That's the only reason I can think of. Take it as a form of flattery! :-)