Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

So, it is my birthday!! I guess a happy birthday to me is in order here.

If only today was a happy day. I guess each day is what you make of it, so I should get off my butt and make something good, correct? Eh... we'll see.

Im thinking I might take myself out to lunch. Well, not exactly MYSELF but I'll bring Will with me. He loves getting out of the house. I missed him (and Chad) when I was back east last week. I missed going on adventures with him, even though they might just be target adventures. He likes to see all the new things and I like buying him things! Strange how that works. Before you are a parent, you buy a lot of things for yourself. After a baby is born... it's not about you anymore. Everything you do is for the little one.

So, back to my birthday rambling, I am thinking of going to lunch today. I met a pretty cool chic here named Shannon and her son is absolutely ADORABLE! I think they are going to meet up with me. Gatta love local friends. Even when i was back east, I had to go 3 hours to hang out with ANYONE so this is great! Tomorrow, we're meeting up with a bunch of moms for a lunch type of thing at Red Robin! Yum! Haha!

So, we'll see what tonight has in store. Probably just me cooking dinner per usual. Making Hamburgers and Fries. I was supposed to make them last night but by the time I got back from Soccer sign ups, it was late... 10 minute skillet meal it was.

Ok, enough rambling for now. I'll be back. Today i am sure! Time to put the baby to bed!
XOXO - momma V

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