Monday, September 21, 2009

Easy like a ...... Monday morning?

So this weekend was a great, long, but fast one. I swore to myself that today, Monday morning, I would do NOTHING. I am not cleaning, I am not cooking, I am not even going to leave my jammies today. Will probably wont either, well until bath time that is.. but we are not leaving the house. Want to see how long I stick to this plan?!?

So, details on the weekend. We went shopping on Saturday. On our way out the door, i checked Craigslist one last time. We've been looking for a decent priced mower, for our 5x5 lawn (ok, so it is bigger.. but not much). Well, as Carl was putting Will into his seat, I found a great deal. Called the guy up and threw a fork into our plans. We now had to go track down this man to get his mower off of him. After going the wrong way because my husband is directionally challanged we found the man (in a GREAT subdevision mind you) and brought the mower home. Then it was time to shop. We went to walmart to find my Itouch. They didnt have the 16gb there, so we went to Target instead! Scored my Itouch and picked up a few other things, including a gift for Lilly. Made dinner at home and had an amazing dessert thanks to Lauren A.

Yesterday was good as well. We went to Lilly's birthday party. I have to say, I feel like I am fitting in a lot better out here in AZ then I did back in New England. I mean, I liked my friends back home, but after knowing a lot of them for a long time, nobody ever just called me up and said "hey... lets get lunch", or "hey... want to come to a birthday party". I've been here all of 2 months and I've been on more lunch dates / play dates, etc then I had when I was back in New England. It's nice to have some new friends. In fact, I think I am going to lunch tomorrow, and a playdate on Wednesday. I'm also hosting a GTG here at our house and people are *gasp* going to actually show up!!! How cool is that???

Did I mention how much i love AZ????


  1. Jess I am so glad to hear things are going great out there. I promise you if you were closer I'd have gotten together with you and Collin's little birthday month buddy, Will all the time. That's neither here nor there... It sounds like things are amazing!

  2. That is so great you are making so many wonderful friends already!!!