Monday, October 12, 2009

Friend Making Monday

So today is Friend Making Monday. I missed last weeks assignment because I had a ton of stuff going on, so I am back on track to try to keep up with her.

This week, Amber - from a.e.filkins wants to know what you are going to be for Halloween. Well, I am not going to be a whole lot of anything... but the boys are dressing up. So far Will is the only one who has a costume.

Here are my boys last year. I had quite the little show going on. Chad was ummm a Grim Reaper type of thing? Help? Christian was Spiderman, William was a Caterpillar and Kaleb was Indiana Jones.

This year, William is the only one who has his costume so far. Here he is....

Yep. He is going to be the cutest little pug, EVER! Chad has NO IDEA what he wants to be. Kaleb either wants to be Darth Vador, a Jedi Trooper or a Clone Trooper. Christian is going to be a Transformer, but has no idea which one. I"ll post pictures as soon as he gets his costume!

Now... What are you going to be?

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  1. Oh gosh! What a cute costume on Will! Thats adorable. Are your boys excited about trick or treating in the new neighborhood?