Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nothing beats random!!

Where to even begin. I guess this posting is going to be full of randomness.

First and foremost, my little Prince William has turned into the King of Nightmares. OH.MY.GOSH. I don't remembering the "Terrible Twos" being this bad with any of the other boys. I have a feeling I am going to have my hands full with this little prince. Everything is NO NO NNNNOOOOOOOOO with him. Now that he knows what no really means he likes to shout it. All the time. It's like "Will, can you throw this away"?
His answer.. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO".

Or even better, now he likes to hit his head on EVERYTHING. And then cry when it hurts. Why oh why does he keep doing this is anyones guess. But he's the little 22 month old with bruises all over his forehead. Nice way to show him off at the airport and when we go back east in a little less then a month *sigh*

OK, moving on.. Next up was our trip to the dentist with my husband yesterday. $672 later, I am broke. I hate that dental insurance doesn't cover squat, yet we pay a fortune into it. I don't know why insurance companies think that our dental health isn't as important as the rest of our health. Now, I can't complain because our medical benefits are awesome but dental? Pffftt... If a person has bad teeth, it puts them at greater risk for heart disease amongst other things but our insurance wont contribute squat to our bill. It drives me nuts.

Which leads me to my next paragraph... every single fricken time we think we're finally going to be able to get ahead for once, something (like the almost $700 dentist bill, or the $700 truck bill) comes up. I am so happy I already got our tickets to go back east because that surely would have been cancelled otherwise. My next concern is finding the money to get the boys back east after their visit here. Another $500. I hate money. I hate the fact that everything is so freaking expensive. And what I hate the most is that this family can not seem to catch a break. Anyone want to donate to the Jess really needs a haircut but is afraid to spend the money in case something comes up fund? haha!

OK, onto some good news. My Aunt is coming to visit me in less then a week. She'll be here on Friday and is spending a little over a week here. I love my Aunt. She was so great to me growing up and we are super close. She's been my "mother" with out that Mom title for a long time now. Since my own Mom passed she has been wonderful. Of course we have our little disagreements, but that is what women do. But we get over it a lot more quickly then most. She's never been to AZ before so I can't wait to show her around.

A few days after she leaves, we are boarding a plane to New England for 7 nights and 8 days. I am super excited about this. Which leads me to say that I need to do another post on what I am looking forward to when I go home.

My last thing is I want to say that I am so thankful to have the friends I have. When I was younger it was all about the number of friends I had. If I did not have a ton, then I must not have been good enough. Even back in New England, I felt like I had to be "Friends" with the right people in order to fit in. My thought process on that has changed so much in the last year. I still have some good friends from home that I talk to but it is not a ton of them. I also have met a few really great ladies here in AZ and am so happy to call them my friends! All of these ladies are always here for me (and each other) when we need someone to vent too or someone to laugh with. I'm so happy I met you guys!

There are even more ladies that I "nest" with who I can't wait to meet and get to know better! I love having a really close group of friends and hopefully, the ladies that I have in my life now, be it online or not, will become (or stay) the group of friends you have when you are in your 50-60-70's and do those crazy little old lady things with!!


  1. Aww, sweetie I hate money too. It was sad that we didnt meet but we will one day. And we will meet up for Magaritas when we are in our 50-60-70's too.

  2. Hey, let's get a bowl and I'll get some scissors... booyah!
    love you sister! Let's start a small business! Bowls and beauty cuts :)

  3. Ugh terrible times! As for needing a haircut, I have a GC that STILL has money on it from over 2 years ago to the spa/ I have the time to go there! I feel ya in the money department...hang in there!

    I'm also glad that you have made good friends out in AZ and still have good friends back in NE - friends come and go, but good ones stick around...

  4. LOL Bowls and beauty cuts!! That's awesome.

    Awe, I love you guys too!!