Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feeling sad for Bree Tanner

OK, so most anyone who knows me knows that I am way to interested in the Twilight Saga. Like to the point of Christmas ornaments, secret tee-shirts (did I just type that), all of the books have been read 5 times and the movies watched so much that I might need new copies soon. I suppose that is NOT what you would expect of a 29 year old mom of 4 right? I do have this weird obsession with Edward Cullen. He's pretty dreamy if you ask me :-)

In 20 days, the next movie in the Twilight Saga is set to be released.

I am so super duper excited for this movie! Like to the point of reading Eclipse again and buying a ticket to go watch all three movies in the same night. BY MY SELF! Haha! Well, I guess I can't totally say that because a girl from my local nest group that I have not met is going too but I have not met her yet.

Anyways, the point to this blog post was to talk about Bree Tanner for a minute. If you remember, Bree is the girl that Carlisle took pity on at the end of the fight in the woods. She did not want to hurt anyone and he said he would not kill her.

I picked up Stephenie Meyer's new book, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.
The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner Pictures, Images and Photos

I had it for a few days but with Will being sick did not have the time to read it until last night. Oh.My.GOSH. It was such a good book. Short (think 180 pages) but very good. I really wish Bree did not have to die at the end. She is a character that I totally fell in love with. Well, really Bree, Fred and Diego. I don't want to give a ton away but since you already knew the ending I figured why not talk about her death. I so so so wish things would have been different with Bree. That maybe the Volturi would have let her live. I am not so sure she would have made a good addition to the Cullen crew, but Stephenie could have written a whole new series on Bree alone.

If you haven't yet, please go pick it up. Especially if you love the Twilight books like I do. Well, even if you like them half as much as I do I would highly suggest reading it. It is super cheap (I paid 8 bucks for it at my grocery store).

So, who else is excited for the Eclipse premiere in 20 days? I CANT be the only one?


  1. So excited. I'm bummed there will be no more Twilight Saga books. I mean, doesn't there have to be?! what happens with Jacob imprinting on Renesmee? What happens with Bella's super awesome powers? What does the Volturri do? How does the Cullens end up? C'mon... there's tooooo many unanswered questions. If she doesn't write another book, then someone should.

  2. Thanks Jess, I havent read it and ruined it for me!!!! Just kidding, not really into Twilight and if I was TEAM JACOB!!!!!!

  3. I've read the books, but I didn't remember who Bree was.

  4. Dude! Ya gotta lend it to me :)