Monday, June 7, 2010

Because Cousins are simply siblings living in a different house...

I stole this idea from Jenn! She posted a great picture of her cousins on her blog and it got me thinking about my cousins who I LOVE so much! I have two cousins who are so much like little brothers to me. Here they are... (Oh, don't mind the self pictures, I have a nice professional one from our wedding, but it's on my other computer... I'll add it later)

Jeremy and I taken 3 years ago...

Josh and I taken the same night, 3 years ago...

Now both of these guys had HUGE events happen to them last week. First off, on June 2ND, Jeremy's fiance gave birth to his beautiful baby girl, Dahlia! This is his first child and he is absolutely in love with her!

On June 4Th, Joshua (Jeremy's little brother) graduated high school. WITH HONORS!! I have never been so proud of Joshua in my life. (Oh and I have to add that I graduated on June 4th exactly 11 years ago hehe)

I wish I could have been in New England for both of these events, but I can not wait to see them both when I am home for a week in July!!! I want to snuggle with Dahlia and I want to throw a smack down on Joshua, even though he towers over me!

So these are my cousins who I love like brothers.... Do you have any cousins who feel like siblings to you???


  1. You can totally tell he is just in LOVE with her! I love that pic.

  2. Awww! So sweet! I wish I had cousins that I was close to, but notsomuch. I always wanted a great big family.

  3. I love the picture of your cousin holding his new baby. So sweet!