Thursday, May 27, 2010

Could this day get any worse???

Wait, don't answer that!

So today started off like almost every single other day. Will woke me up bright and early (thanks for that buddy) and we had a great breakfast together. I found out how much my son loves grapes because he stole a bunch of mine while I was making my coffee so I decided to share the rest with him.

We started getting ready around 10 to head over to an indoor play place to meet up the ladies so the kids could all play together. 10:30 rolls around and I am just about ready. I grabbed a few things and put Will into the Durango. We stopped for gas (at $2.57 a gallon... woot woot) and were finally on our way.....

Then, I hear a ding. Look don and my check gauges light was on. Look over my dash board and see that my temperature thing was burying itself into the red and just about on the H for holy hell you're hot. I turned my heat on full blast and opened the windows just to have nothing happen. Crap Crap Crap now what? OK, well obviously I have to pull over. I couldn't just stop where I was because I was on an on-ramp to a bigger highway so I had to drive to get to the first exit (road construction so I couldn't pull over with out getting off somewhere). F.M.L.

How much is this going to cost me? Who friggen knows. All I know is this just totally ruined my weekend. I have to spend almost $900 to go back east for a week in July and now we have THIS too???

My husband came and got me about 30 minutes after we called him. It was hot. Today was a warm day in Phoenix and when you have to pull over where there are no trees to shade you, it's not a good thing. Poor Will got a little prickly rash all over him from being so hot. Luckily, I packed a lot of water for us. 30 minutes doesn't seem like a long time until you are roasting in your car with no AC haha. Carl tried to drive it down to the Walmart SuperCenter so we could leave it somewhere that is off the street but that didn't work out so well as the temp spiked even more quickly this time. So it's sitting in a Church Parking lot as we speak.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the Phoenix Sun more then anything. I've been much happier since being here but when you are broken down with a hot sweaty 21 month old in the car it's not any fun at all. My husband brought us home so I could feed William and now he's going back to the car to meet AAA so we can have it towed. If you are the praying type, please pray that this fix doesn't end up costing me a fortune. We just put $2k into it and I really don't want to sink much more into him!

Oh and did I mention that now my weekend plans are ruined? We were supposed to go stay down near Tombstone for the weekend and yep, that plan is out the window... UGH! Stupid Car!

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  1. Oh that is AWFUL. I cannot imagine cranking the heat in my car in AZ - yikes! Then getting stuck in a hot car in the sun? Hopefully it will be an easy and inexpensive fix...