Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Teacher Appeciation Week

It's that time of year again. National Teacher Appreciation Week! I always get stuck on things to do for the teachers in my children's life! This year is especially difficult because my oldest has FIVE teachers that he sees every single day. I know some would say just give a gift to the home room teacher, but I know first hand that these teachers had to deal with a lot of crap from my 12 year old (and then also working with me at least once a week via email) that they do deserve something special. But how do I do this... I need your help!

So here is the low down. His homeroom teacher is also his math teacher. I love love love her to pieces. She has gone above and beyond anything I could ever hope for in helping him. Oh and I want to add that she is also super pregnant. Due right after school lets out. He has one male teacher who we all thought was going to be a major hard ass but turns out he is softer then you would think. The other 3 teachers are female. I do not know a whole lot about them as they aren't as "responsive" when I email or call them. They are cut and dry about everything..

So anyways, on with my story, we got a note home from the PTO about suggestions for gifts for each day of the week.
Day 1~ "What's cooking day" - Send in a copy of your family's favorite recipe. OK, not to hard, but I am thinking I want to make this fun somehow.

Day 2~ "Sweet Tooth Day" - Bring in a sweet treat for your teacher. Again, this one is not to hard but I don't know if we should make something, or if we should buy a neat container (or containers really) and fill them with different Candy's?

Day 3~ "Flower Power Day" - Again, simple but I do not think Chad really wants to bring in flowers, and especially not for is male teacher. He has said that he feels he will get picked on. Maybe he can bring in those just add water flower pots?

Day 4~ "Candle Day" - Show your teacher in some way that they "light up your life". Hmmm OK! I have a hard time with this too because people are very picky about the scents they like. Maybe I can look to see if we have a candle shop around here?

Day 5~" Pamper Day" - The description is very long for this one, but the gist of it is lotions, nail polish, etc. I was thinking to get a GC for a pedicure for the homeroom/math teacher and calling it a day. I don't think I want to "pamper" all 5 teachers?

Now these rules do not say you have to do something every day for every teacher but I want to do as much as I can with out spending more then $100 total. Is this possible?

What would you do, with the ideas given above? Any suggestions?


  1. Wow, that's quite the list! The recipe thing is cute- maybe put it on a fancy card and attach it to a set of measuring cups or a mixing spoon? You could find those at the dollar store.

    For sweet treat day,I would definitely send in something that would last. Because if everyone bakes something, that's kind of overwhelming.

    Flower Power- can you find something with flowers on it instead? I could never get enough of those magnet clips that I could use to hang stuff up in my classroom.

    the light up day stumps me, too.

    For the pampering day- great idea for the teacher who has done a lot for you. Maybe for the others, just a bottle of nail polish? Then, you're doing something, but not spending a lot of money. For the guy teacher- I'd check the travel size bins at Target- maybe a small mouthwash or something? LOL

  2. Is that the world's longest comment or what? LOL

  3. Good ideas!! Thanks for the help!!

  4. I have to tell you... When I worked at schools I HATED giving out those lists. It was almost like we were asking for gifts when all we really needed was a hug from our students or a "Thanks for all you do" from our parents. Gifts are great :), but the best are the most sincere. Best gift I ever got from one of my students was an apple from a kid with a HUGE smile and sincere hug! NO JOKE!