Thursday, April 15, 2010

A-hole of the day award....

Goes to ME! Yep, that is right! Nice old ME!

I guess I should tell you why? Well, to make a long story short I called something like I saw it. Sometimes it is a good thing, sometimes not so much. Here is a little back story on it.

I am on a few different message boards, one of them being Now on these message boards, deleting your posts can be a very bad thing. It's not that big of a deal if you put up a warning stating "I may delete this later". We've all had questions, but maybe did not want the world finding this information 10 months from now, right? OK, with a little bit of warning, DD. Not a big deal! But today, well there was more to it then that I think!

Someone asked a question. The question was one of those "am I being a bridezilla" kind of questions. She got answers in her favor, and then a few answers that were not in her favor. The original poster got a bit snarky with someone who gave her an answer she did not like and then I kind of called her out and said don't get snippy with people who are giving you an answer to a question you asked. Again, nothing big but apparently it was because when we all woke up this morning, it was GONE!

How familiar the DD world is to me. I absolutely HATE people who can't take it when they don't like what they hear (or more like read in this instance) so they pack up their toys and go home. Especially when nobody is being rude, it was a discussion and she did not like the answers that were given to her. *sigh*

So where does a-hole of the day come in you ask? Well, a friend of mine kind asked on the board where the post went. She smelt a DDer. I told her why I thought the OP dd and then it kind of spun off from there. Was it a *bit* immature of me to keep it going, sure but was it funny.. absolutely.

In the message board world, there is no room for people to delete things because they do not like what is being said. When you ask an opinion and you don't like the answers, say thanks and let it go. Move on. It's really not that hard! Why DD? You look like a baby really.

OK, now that that is over... I've been awarded an Honest Scrap award by Amy over at Chapters of Me. I will get on that at nap time.


  1. Hey Momma V I always knew you were an a-hole anyway....damn I can't DD that:( Just kidding babe you know I love ya:)

  2. Oh and congrats on that award!

  3. Don't worry, I agree with it. You gave your opinion and your allowed to. If someone doesn't like the truth or doesn't want to hear it, well don't post anything. Yay on the award!

  4. I also agree with you. If you don't want to know what others think...don't ask. Seems pretty simple to me. It's not too hard for me to appreciate someone elses opinions even if they aren't on the same side of the fence.