Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting to know me?!?!

Wow, look at me. Posting AGAIN! 2nd time in a row and or the 3rd time this week. I must have a fever or be sick or something haha! No but really though I do believe that this is a good outlet for me and I figure in order to complain about the bad/stressful stuff I should at least post a bit on the good/funny/memorable stuff, right?

After re-reading my friend Shawna's blog I decided to follow in her lead and do a getting to know me weekly post. I know there are a lot of GTKY posts out there, but most ask a ton of questions all in one post. I'm thinking much like her, that if I spread them out, it will give me many more weeks worth of for sure blogging. She's had some great questions and answers so far so for week one, I'll copy her and then who knows. Maybe I'll take her lead on some questions or maybe I'll even make up my own. We'll see what I feel I may want to share with you next.

So Week One - A recent photo of you & 15 interesting facts about yourself

Simple enough... Hi! I'm Jessica

1. I have 4 boys. That's right! If you know me, you probably already know this. Chad is 14, Kaleb will be 10 in March, Christian is 8 and William is 3. They are pretty handsome and all so different that it amazes me. I see a lot of them in each-other but for the most part they are night and day times 4.

2. I am kind of obsessed with Matthew McConaughey! Not in a restraining order sort of way, but I do think he is very very VERY handsome. I've seen all his movies and there isn't one that I couldn't watch over and over again. I go back and forth on who I have a bigger crush on (him or Chad Kroeger), but he usually wins.

3. I can honestly count on one hand how many real friends I have. I don't know if this is sad, or if it is a good thing. I know many more people, and there are many more who I would hang out with or do things with but on one hand I can count the people I know in my heart I could turn to if I needed anything. Sometimes it makes me sad, but mostly I look forward to the day when we're all old and doing old lady things together.

4. I'm going back to school. I want to get my Associates in Applied Sciences - Medical Billing and Coding. And let me tell you, I am fah-reaked out about it. All those thoughts running through my head and my biggest question is "what if I am the oldest in all my classes". Yep, I have a huge fear of sitting in a room full of annoying 18 year olds. Haha... No idea why but it's kind of stressing me out. I have a meeting today at the school and I am going to ask that question but I feel like I'll look like an idiot.

5. I have 5 tattoos and really want another one. I want to put an infinity symbol on my wrist with some stars above and below it. But I am scared that it will turn a potential employer off. All of my current tattoos are in places that I can easily cover up and my wrist wont be. I live in AZ so I can't always wear long sleeves / a jacket so I am torn. I guess I'll wait and see what happens!

6. I am a New England girl through and through. While I've never been happier that I moved away from there I still miss it. I don't really call it home anymore but a lot of my best memories are locked in a box in Maine and from time to time, I like to pull them out. Actually, this year I will be a snow bird and go back there for an entire month. Leaving my husband to his own devices. I just hope my house looks good and he's not an umpa-lumpa when I get back.

7. My youngest boy, William has Asthma. Well, it's not diagnosed yet but we know he has Asthma. His PCP has said he has Asthma, we've witnessed Asthma attacks and he's on a ton of medicine daily to help keep these attacks at bay. We have an appointment with a Pediatric Pulmonologist on Wednesday to see what we can do for him to cut back on some meds.

I am scared to death about him having Asthma. Nothing in the world freaks me out more! Every time I see a commercial on TV with a little kid talking about how he feels like a fish out of water (and the gold fish is bouncing around on the table) I tear up then go and check on William. Asthma scares me more then anything.

8. I have a cat who I dislike very much. I tried my hardest to like her when we got her all those years ago. I think she's probably 7 years old now. She hates me and hates my kids. The only person she likes is my husband. I've never had a female cat before and I've learned that female cats are a bit temper mental. Once she goes (which I understand could be a very long time) we will not get another cat. She has turned me off to cats all-together for the rest of my life (sorry Husband).

9. My Sister in laws husband is battling cancer. He is the first person I actually personally know who has had cancer. I've had heard all of the cancer stories and know people who know people who have had cancer but I've never known anyone myself. And let me tell you, Cancer is effing scary. My Sister in law has 2 kids... one whose older and one who is young (like 11 ish). What scares me is that if something happens to him, these boys are going to lose their Dad. My sister-in-law is going to lose her husband which is sad all in itself but what breaks my heart is these boys losing their Daddy to such a bad disease. I hope to god my boys will not have to lose me at such a young age. I am not scared of death but I am scared of my boys being with out their Mother (or Father) at a young age.

10. I'm addicted to Ice-Cream. For real! Addicted... *sigh*

11. I have no sense of fashion. At all. It's kind of sad really. I try and try but because of a certain ice cream addiction (and no self control on my part.... I need to work on this) I feel like a big fat whale and nothing that is "cute" looks good on me. I can't "own" my clothes. I don't feel comfortable in things and going out is a nightmare. I'm going to Vegas with the girls in April and I am dreading the shopping trip!

12. Speaking of Vegas, I've NEVER been. Like EVER! I live a short 4 1/2 hour drive from there and have yet to go. One of my very best friends lives there and opened his house to me for whenever and yep, I've never gone. That is why I am sooo looking forward to going. It will be a ton of fun and a girls weekend at that. What beats a girls weekend away?

13. You know those Twilight movies that are out there? Edward Cullen and all that Jazz. Well, I'm slightly obsessed with them. Ok, maybe a little more then slightly. In fact, I do have a friend who kind of picks on me quite a bit about it. Before each movie comes out I get the girls together for a Twilight-athon and usually I see the movie 2-3-4 times in the theater and the day it releases on DVD here I sit, watching it in my Edward Cullen tee-shirt. Hello, I am freeking 31 years old! I should not be this obsessed with a teenager haha!

14. I can't go to bed with dishes in my sink. I hate it. Drives me nutty to wake up with even a spoon in the sink. This gets to be a bit of a problem because if my husband has a middle of the night snack (or an early night snack and I've just gone to bed early) he leaves the dish in the sink and I want to scream in the morning haha! Oh well, it is what it is but I need help I think haha!

15. And I'm totally out of things to talk about so I'll copy Shawna and say if given the choice, I'd much rather be a passenger in a Car. While I don't mind driving I'll throw the keys at my husband 99.9% of the time or just assume he is driving by climbing into the passengers seat before he can even get out the door. Haha!

Well, I hope I didn't lose you back at fact 2. I know some of my answers were long and winded but sometimes, when I get to typing I can go on and on. Funny because I am always thinking of something non boring to write about and never can, but given a task.. I can go on and on!

For week two, I'll blog about my friends!! :-)

Happy Saturday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Yay!! Love it! :)

    You could always wear a watch or something to cover the wrist tattoo. Or get it in white or really light ink. It wouldn't be as noticeable.