Friday, August 27, 2010

Seriously lady... get over yourself

Let me start off by saying that my ex is truly a very nice man. We just did not work well as a couple. That being said, I really really HATE his mother. HATE HER!

So my IL's always buy the boys a ton of clothes. Birthdays, Christmas' etc. They are Kohl's addicted. Whenever they see good deals they buy things and stock up for whatever might be coming up. This makes me very happy because it is less that I have to spend on them and I can put money towards trips and stuff.

Well, when the boys went back to NH on Tuesday, my ex's mother (his parents live with him... LLLOOONNNGGG story there... I'll tell you another time) went through their suitcase and said "we don't need all this, they are fine, send it back to her".

Rich calls me today to talk about what he should get CJ for his birthday which is tomorrow. Then tells me "oh, well we are going to send some of those clothes back that your IL's got the boys, we don't need them".

OK, so I ask WHY? He said it is to much and that Christian has all of Kalebs OLD clothes. Now I have NO ISSUE at all with hand me downs but isn't it nice for kids to have NEW clothes once in a while? Why not send me some of the hand me downs and I"ll store them away for William and keep the NEW clothes for CJ?

His mom doesn't like me at all. She is very old school and thinks that I should have stayed with Rich no matter how unhappy I was. We were both unhappy but I chose to leave. He would have stayed with me I am totally sure of this. Ever since we broke up, she would take everything that I would send over to their house and put it in her attic. New shoes, winter jackets, toys, etc Everything was game for the attic of no return.

Now that the boys are older, she has a harder time getting rid of toys and such, but she still gets rid of clothes. Rich was up in the attic a few weeks ago and found a ton of shoes and clothes with tags on them. Really lady? Get over yourself. This stuff is for the boys.

Rich has talked to her a million times about this but she keeps on doing it. He wont kick his parents out (again... long story) but it makes me so mad. I don't want my IL's spending money on stuff for them that the wont use, but don't want them feeling left out and not getting gifts. They could send it all here but until they are here for good, it is pointless..

I am having such a horrible day over this! AGH! I just had to vent and get it out here!


  1. Hey, I know I don't know the full story, but why don't you stop sending the new stuff over there? If you know she's going to take it away and they won't get to use it, why don't you just keep all the gifts/new clothes at your place for when they're there? Sorry your XMIL is such a PITA!

  2. For the most part, that is what we do. But since school starts there on Monday we figured the new clothes would save them some money. My ex was here to pick up the kids and I asked if he wanted me to send the clothes and he said yes. Then his mother said she didn't want them. I wish he would stop being a push over in his own house. And even more, I wish she would get over it!

  3. You aren't the only one with MIL problems! Every good man comes with a mom you have to deal with... barf.

  4. That really sucks :( I'm sorry - she needs to look at the big pitcure here, but it seems she is only taking her own feelings into consideration...