Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Look at this photograph...

Every time I do it makes me laugh.....

So my dinner tonight was actually quite boring. So there will be no fun recipe or fun pictures to post about that. I had chicken that was covered with BBQ sauce with original shake n bake on top of that baked in the oven with rice and corn. Yep, boring (but oh so tasty).

So I decided to post a picture of myself and my oldest son. I was going through my pictures tonight and this one just jumped out at me. I LOVE it. It is such a great picture of us. I miss him so much.


See, Chad decided that he wanted to go back to Maine to finish high-school there. He's a freshman and really wanted this. So after a lengthy discussion with his father we made it happen. OK wait, it did not happen quite like that but it's easier to say that then to go into the details of what really happened. The part about him wanting to go is 100% legit though so there he is. Truth be told, the schools are SO much better back east then the are where I am so there is a silver lining in it. A very small one but it's there!

Let's see what tomorrow brings shall we? A picture, a recipe, a bunch of nonsense.. We'll see what happens! Stay tuned!

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