Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aquafresh Iso-Active review..

So, about two months ago, I signed up to be a "tester" for a company called "She Speaks". What the gist of it is, is that they are partnered with big name companies. These big name companies give "She Speaks" many samples to send out to every day women to try out and give a review on.

The first sample I received in the mail was a bottle (best way to describe it really) of Aquafresh Iso Active toothpaste. My first thought was OK, who doesn't need toothpaste, right? Before I tried it out, I assumed it was going to be like every other tooth paste in the world. You put it on your toothbrush and brush.... Spit, rinse, repeat. Well, this toothpaste was not so much like that.

I absolutely LOVED it. Now, I'm normally a Crest girl. Been with them since the good old days (listen to me talk like I am 100 or something). Anyways, this tooth paste was great. When you brush, it makes a "foam" type something in your mouth. I guess mostly that is because the paste isn't a paste with this stuff. It is a "foaming gel". My teeth felt a heck of a lot cleaner. YAY! No, they are not paying me to say this either. This is the honest to gods truth. Even my husband enjoyed it.

So if you are looking for a new toothpaste try this one out!! It'll TOTALLY be worth it!

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